What happened to Bijan Robinson?

Bijan Robinson, the zapping running back who once set the college football world on fire with his astonishing performances, has strangely disappeared from the spotlight. Fans are left with one burning question: What happened to Bijan Robinson? 

In this article, we dig into the conundrum encompassing this athletic wonder, exploring his fleeting ascent, surprising absence, and the hypotheses that whirl around his absence from the gridiron. Robinson’s story is a gripping narrative of talent, interest, and the quest for answers.

Who is Bijan Robinson?

Bijan Robinson, the Atlanta Falcons’ rising star at running back, has a football venture that peruses like a script from a sports movie.

Hailing from Tucson, Arizona, he honed his skills at Salpointe Catholic High School before leaving a mark on the world at the University of Texas. There, he carved his name alongside legends like Earl Campbell and Ricky Williams. 

Robinson’s university achievement paved the way for his 2023 NFL Draft announcement, where he was the Falcons’ No. 8 overall pick.

With his reputation as one of the best running back prospects in decades, Atlanta is poised to welcome a future gridiron sensation.

Beyond the field, Robinson’s “Smiley” persona guarantees a bright future, enhanced by endorsements and earnings initiated during his noteworthy array of NIL deals in college.

What happened to Bijan Robinson?

In a confusing turn, Bijan Robinson, the Falcons’ highly touted first-round pick, was prominently missing from the action during the first half of their Sunday clash with the Buccaneers, regardless of his name not showing up in the team’s injury report.

What happened to Bijan Robinson
What happened to Bijan Robinson?

The young running back, who had been a conspicuous figure in the Falcons’ offense, saw a mere six snaps and got no touches in the initial 30 minutes of the game.

At the point when interrogated concerning Robinson’s unexpected absence during halftime, Falcons’ head coach Arthur Smith covered it up as he was not feeling great at this time, as indicated by a report by the Falcons’ team reporter.

During this time of Robinson’s absence, the rushing load was carried by Tyler Allgeier and Cordarrelle Patterson, who aggregately accounted for 13 of the Falcons’ 15 first-half rushing attempts. In the passing game, Drake London and Jonnu Smith drove the way with three receptions each.

Robinson’s failure to participate is a matter of significant concern for the Falcons. Not only had he been their most productive offensive player, but he likewise ranked among the top 10 running backs in the league in both rushing and receiving categories.

The mystery encompassing his illness adds a layer of intricacy to the Falcons’ ongoing season, leaving them to navigate the challenge of his absence while expecting a quick return of their dynamic playmaker.

Bijan Robinson’s Puzzling NFL Journey

Robinson’s role within the Falcons’ hostile plan has been prominently restrained throughout the current season. Despite high expectations, he has carried the ball merely 20 times, collecting 83 yards in six games. 

The riddle enigma surrounding his illness has added a layer of uncertainty to an already intriguing season for the young running back, leaving fans enthusiastically anticipating his return and the goal of this startling turn in his thriving NFL career.

Robinson’s Dislocated Elbow Injury

Bijan Robinson suffered a dislocated elbow injury on November 13, 2021, in a game against the Kansas Jayhawks. He had to leave the game and was ruled out until the end of the season.

Robinson went through surgery to fix his elbow on November 15, 2021. The medical procedure was effective, and Robinson started to recover right away.

Robinson made a full recovery from his injury and had the option to take part in spring practice in 2022. He had a strong spring practice and was supposed to be one of the Longhorns’ top players in the fall.

However, Robinson suffered a mishap in August 2022 when he re-injured his elbow. He went through one more medical surgery to fix his elbow, and he was again ruled out for the 2022 season.

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