What happened to Big Chief on Street Outlaws? Sudden Absence Led to Many Questions

Big Chief made his name through “Street Outlaws.” Once, nobody knew him until he got the chance to be on “Street Outlaws.”

He is one of the best-known street racers in America. Big Chief earned his title after taking part in “Street Outlaws,” but before that, he was a fan of street racing.

He started liking street racing as a teenager and ended up becoming one of his idols. He gained success in a racing group in Oklahoma City.

His first car was a Pontiac LeMans, which he bought in 1972. However, even after getting so much fame from “Street Outlaws,” he left the show recently. This made people wonder about the cause behind such decisions.

Big Chief’s Portrayal on Street Outlaws

Justin Shearer

Justin “Big Chief” Shearer’s team made it to “Street Outlaws.” It gave him immense success. His love for vintage vehicles and reviving the culture of them has made him reach huge successes in life.

Before joining “Street Outlaws,” he had already made his name in American street racing. But when he stepped into “Street Outlaws,” his career peaked and touched the sky. His popularity is no less than that of any other celebrity.

Because of Big Chief and his crew, the show reached maximum audiences and gained the popularity that it has today, even Discovery Channel extended its seasons, which initially were decided to be one season only.

What happened to Big Chief on Street Outlaws?

Big Chief left “Street Outlaws.” He left because showmakers were focusing on the dramatic stuff of the show rather than showing the authentic side of the show, which made him frustrated. Therefore, he decided to leave “Street Outlaws” and its spin-offs in 2021.

Big Chief couldn’t stand the fact that instead of prioritizing what you want to show, you’re showing something different.

His disappointment led him to leave “Street Outlaws.” Otherwise, his love for cars and racing is infinite, and “Street Outlaws” was like his second home. However, the disagreements with production led him to exit.

Justin Shearer
Justin Shearer

Life After “Street Outlaws”

After leaving “Street Outlaws,” Big Chief left television and never looked back. However, he got back to Midwest Street Cars Automotive and followed his love and passion for restoring vintage cars and reviving them to be able to run on racing tracks.

He left television but he didn’t forget his roots and kept on contributing to his racing community. His absence is not felt much on the show because he never forgets to interact with his fans and audience through YouTube and different racing projects.

Big Chief is still pretty much the same and nothing has changed.

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