What happened to Bianca Peters? Career Shifts and a Quest for Balance

Bianca Peters is a skilled American journalist who currently works as an anchor at WNYW FOX 5. She is also a co-host on Good Day New York.

She has previously worked for several television stations, including FOX5, JUCE TV, and NBC5. She also participated in Miss California 2010, where she finished in the top ten.

Things to Know About Bianca Peters

Bianca Peters is the ultimate blend of beauty, brains, and sports prowess! This California queen not only wore the crown as Miss Malibu in 2010 but also showcased her communication degree chops from California State University, Long Beach.

While most pageant queens might settle for a life of glamour, Bianca pursued her passion for sports, following in the footsteps of her pro-football uncle and cousin.

But it’s not just about reporting for this ESPN and TBN alum. With an athlete-dating history that includes a link to California Panthers player Matt Kalil, Bianca knows her way around the sports scene both personally and professionally.

And let’s not forget her big family vibes. From a Christian-singing sister to a retail-working brother, Bianca Peters is the all-star of the Peters clan. CBS got a true MVP when she joined in September 2016!

What happened to Bianca Peters?

Bianca Peters charts a new course in 2024.
Bianca Peters charts a new course in 2024.

The ever-smiling and multi-talented broadcaster, Bianca Peters, isn’t bidding farewell to the Fox 5 family. Instead, she’s set to conquer afternoons with The Noon and co-host Fox 5 News at 6 p.m. This shift resembles a Michael Strahan-esque move, showcasing versatility and adaptability in the world of television.

Viewers accustomed to waking up with the dynamic duo of Bianca Peters and Rosanna Scott on Good Day New York will be in for a surprise as NFL host Curt Menefee steps into the morning spotlight, signaling a new era for the show.

As for Curt Menefee, he’s expressing his excitement about the morning television gig, citing a desire for variety in his career. However, the face of Fox’s football coverage will maintain his role, juggling coasts during the NFL season.

A recent social media post from the broadcasting star fueled rumors, outlining her 2024 focus on achieving a work-life balance.

In the ever-evolving landscape of morning television, one thing is for sure: Bianca Peters continues to be a force to be reckoned with, bringing positivity, charm, and a commitment to personal growth to both her professional and personal spheres.

Bianca Peters Wants to Make 2024 a Memorable Year, But Fans are Divided About her New Role
In the whirlwind of changes at Fox 5, Bianca Peters is seizing 2024 as the year of “work-life balance,” and her fans are feeling the shift.

With a bold declaration on Instagram, Bianca announced her resolutions, including waking up and going to bed at “normal” hours—a luxury afforded by her departure from the early morning anchor slot.

As fans navigate the changes, there’s an overwhelming sentiment of wishing Bianca luck in her new position.

And if this schedule tweak helps her achieve the happier, healthier life outlined in her 2024 goals, then the collective response is a resounding, “We’re all for it!” Bianca and her fascinating journey in the ever-changing world of broadcasting deserve a toast!

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