What happened to Bernie Smilovitz?

People in the Metro Detroit area are familiar with the name Bernie Smilovitz because of his entertaining sports broadcasts and captivating on-screen persona. But Bernie Smilovitz’s narrative extends beyond his work life.

This piece explores the life and career of Bernie Smilovitz, a guy who has not only left his impact on the sports writing industry but has also surmounted personal obstacles to forge a distinctive career path.

The Initial Years

Brooklyn, New York, the birthplace of Bernie Smilovitz, never truly left his heart. Following World War II, his parents—who were Holocaust survivors—relocated to New York.

Their devotion and love molded Bernie’s early years. On Sunday afternoons, they would rock him to sleep in Prospect Park, making priceless memories that he would always cherish.

When Bernie was five years old, his family moved to Washington, D.C., and that’s when he fell deeply in love with sports.

Bernie was fascinated with baseball, and the Senator’s baseball games in particular, while other kids were absorbed in the newest musical fads.

He could see the lights of RFK Stadium from his bedroom window and would drift off to sleep at night while listening to these games on his transistor radio. His early passion for sports served as the impetus for his eventual profession as a sports journalist.

What Happened To Bernie Smilovitz?

About Bernie’s illness, there have been rumors going around. However, that is not true, Bernie is totally fine. The journey of Bernie Smilovitz is a monument to his fortitude and self-improvement as much as it is a story of his career.

Bernie’s life is a real example of the resilience of the human spirit in the face of unfathomable suffering because he was raised by Holocaust survivors.

What happened to Bernie Smilovitz
What happened to Bernie Smilovitz? (Source: X)

His outlook on life and a deep sense of empathy and compassion were definitely affected by his parent’s experiences during the Holocaust.

Additionally, Bernie is actively engaged in the battle against racism and prejudice in all of its manifestations as well as Holocaust education and remembering through CHAIM (Children of Holocaust Survivors Association in Michigan).

His participation in this group is indicative of his dedication to upholding the memory of a troubling period in history and making sure that the lessons learned from the Holocaust are never forgotten.

A Journalist in Washington, D.C.

Bernie Smilovitz started his journalism career covering D.C. sports. After covering neighborhood sporting events, he gained experience and was soon hosting a four-hour sports call-in program on an all-news radio station.

His talent and commitment paid off, as he was eventually hired by the CBS TV station.

When he was hired by WTTG-TV as the 10 PM news sportscaster, his career as a sports writer took a significant turn, and he became well-known in the Washington sports community.

Detroit Calling

Bernie Smilovitz was presented with an opportunity in March 1986 that would fundamentally alter the trajectory of his life and career. Detroit called and extended an employment opportunity to him at WDIV-TV.

Bernie relocated to Detroit in order to anchor the 5, 6, and 11 PM sportscasts and cover Tigers baseball games. This was the first step on his journey to the city that would become his home and the start of a new chapter in his life.

Bernie has been deeply involved in the Metro Detroit sports scene for more than 30 years. He’s been a dependable source for breaking news and in-depth interviews with celebrities and athletes.

Bernie’s contagious enthusiasm for sports gives his sportscasts a modern and relevant feel.

At Sunday football, NBA basketball, and NHL hockey games, you can hear him angrily yelling at the TV, whether he’s in the studio or lounging on his couch at home.

A Sports Geek with a Purpose

In addition to being a sports journalist, Bernie Smilovitz is a self-described sports nerd who takes great pleasure in “covering the story.”

He explores the essence of the games and the athletes’ lives in addition to the scores and highlights.

Among sports journalists, Bernie stands out for his ability to give viewers personal tales and behind-the-scenes insights.

In summary

Bernie Smilovitz is a well-liked personality in the sports journalism community, renowned for his passion, commitment, and perceptive reporting.

Beyond the confines of television, his life narrative serves as a tribute to the strength of resiliency, the significance of following one’s passions, and the lasting influence of personal values and family.

From his early years in Brooklyn to his long career in Detroit, Bernie Smilovitz has accumulated an incredible life story filled with hardships, triumphs, and experiences.

In addition to being a well-respected sports journalist, he has come to represent optimism, tenacity, and pursuing one’s goals.

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