What happened to Bennett on Orange Is The New Black? Who plays Bennett in Orange Is The New Black Season 7?

Jenji Kohan is the creator of the American comedy-drama streaming television series Orange Is the New Black. Orange Is the New Black, a Tilted Productions and Lionsgate Television production, debuted on Netflix on July 11, 2013. July 26, 2019, saw the release of the seventh and final season of the show.

For its first season, the show was nominated for twelve Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series, and Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series.

Orange Is the New Black is the first television program to be nominated for a comedy and drama Emmy. Six Writers Guild of America Award nominations, six Golden Globe Award nominations, a Producers Guild of America Award, an American Film Institute Award, and a Peabody Award were also extended to the series.

One of Orange Is the New Black’s most beloved characters, John Bennett, unexpectedly left the show in season 3, but what exactly happened to him and why did Bennett leave Daya?

What happened to Bennett on Orange is the new black?

Bennett on Orange Is The New Black
How Bennett Left Orange Is The New Black?

Fans were shocked when John Bennett abruptly left Orange Is the New Black during season 3. After seeing the kind of life their child would have with her mother’s boyfriend, his character quit his job and moved away from Daya.

It was never confirmed, whether Bennett had anything to do with Cesar’s arrest or whether he had made amends with Daya and their child. Later seasons hardly mentioned him at all.

Due to his belief that Bennett and Daya’s complex relationship could not have a happy ending, actor Matt McGorry left the show. He added that the cast was paid pitifully little, which affected his choice to pursue other endeavors.

Matthew David McGorry
Matthew David McGorry

Bennett began serving as a correctional officer at Litchfield Prison early in the first season of the television series Orange Is the New Black, which is based on a semi-true story.

He got to know Daya, a prisoner at Litchfield, romantically, and as a result, Daya became pregnant. He started to worry about his relationship with Daya’s family at the start of season 3, especially with her mother’s boyfriend, Cesar.

Then the Bennett Orange is the New Black character was abruptly written off, appearing for the last time in season 3, episode 2.

Who plays Bennett on Orange Is The New Black?

The American actor Matthew David McGorry was born on April 12, 1986. His role as John Bennett in the comedy-drama series Orange Is the New Black on Netflix is what made him most famous.

McGorry is a former correctional officer at Litchfield Penitentiary. Moreover, he is the father of Dayanara’s daughter, Armaria. His current whereabouts are unknown.

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