What happened to Barry Seal Wife? The Untold Story of Barry Seal’s Wife

Deborah Dubois, Barry Seal’s wife, had an interesting, difficult, and unexpected life.

Here is Deborah Dubois’s secret story, from her marriage to one of the most prominent drug smugglers in history to what happened following his untimely death.

Meeting Barry Seal

Barry Seal, real name Adler Berriman Seal, was already well-known when he met Deborah Dubois.

When Barry, a former Trans World Airlines (TWA) pilot, was detained for attempting to smuggle military explosives out of the nation in 1972, that is when they first met.

He walked into the restaurant where Deborah, a cashier there at the age of 21, worked on his way to a hearing.

Deborah accepted Barry Seal’s invitation to go on a date after hearing about him from a friend. Their journey together then began.

Barry’s magnetism captured her despite his legal issues and dubious business operations, and they wed in 1974. Deborah joined Lynn Ross and Barbara Dodson as Barry Seal’s second and third wives, respectively.

A Mother of Three

Deborah Dubois gave birth to three children throughout her marriage to Barry Seal. Dean, Aaron, and Christina Seal, her children, experienced their father’s turbulent existence.

With his second wife, Deborah, Barry added to his family, which already included Lisa and Adler from his first marriage.

Unaware of Barry’s Dark Secrets

Deborah Dubois insisted that she was unaware of her husband’s illegal activities despite Barry Seal’s criminal activities garnering media attention.

Deborah stated that she thought Barry was an aircraft broker even though he was supposedly one of the most accomplished drug smugglers of his time, transporting over 50 shipments of cocaine into the United States.

Barry also participated in the rental of outdated anti-aircraft illumination for a variety of advertising events.

Deborah claimed to have never seen her spouse doing drugs and had a strong sense of trust for him. Barry was seen by her as a daring pilot and event planner rather than a drug lord.

What happened to Barry Seal Wife?

Barry Seal was killed in 1986; tragedy befell the Seal family. He was killed as a result of his work as an informant for the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the CIA, which was revealed by the Washington Times Post.

What happened to Barry Seal Wife
What happened to Barry Seal Wife?

Deborah Dubois had a difficult time in her life after Barry’s passing. Due to her husband’s involvement in drug trafficking and other illicit acts, the government seized his assets.

Deborah and her kids had to rely on Barry Seal’s life insurance to make ends meet after losing their wealthy husband.

Deborah acknowledged that Barry’s alleged huge riches remained elusive, and she questioned whether he had actually amassed the millions that were frequently claimed.

Legal Battles Regarding Barry’s Legacy

Many films, notably “Crossed Double” (1991), “American Made” (2017), and “Invader” (2016), have focused on the legacy of Barry Seal’s life and criminal activities.

The rights to Barry’s life narrative, however, were the subject of legal difficulties throughout the making of “American Made.”

Lisa Seal Frigon, the eldest child from Barry Seal’s previous marriage, filed a lawsuit against Deborah Dubois and her three kids.

The rights to Barry Seal’s life story were allegedly sold to the movie firm without the estate’s or the court’s required consent, according to Lisa, who oversees her father’s estate.

In addition, Lisa Seal Frigon asserted that some details in the script were erroneously depicted and that none of the agreement’s earnings had been given to the estate.

For instance, Barry actually had five children with Deborah, but the movie only showed three of them.

Lisa further argued that the portrayal of her father as a careless and intoxicated pilot hurt his commercial value and decreased the value of his estate.


Deborah Dubois’ existence as the spouse of famed drug smuggler Barry Seal was characterized by a number of unanticipated occurrences and difficulties.

The complexity of their interwoven lives can be seen in her path from a fortuitous encounter with Barry to becoming a mother of three and ultimately dealing with the legal disputes over his legacy.

A further element of intrigue is added to their tale by Deborah’s assertion that she was unaware of Barry’s unlawful activity.

Despite the difficulties surrounding Barry Seal’s life and passing, one thing is undeniably true: people continue to be fascinated by the enigmatic pilot and smuggler thanks to films and court battles that aim to reveal the truth about his incredible existence.

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