What happened to Bailey Sarian? Find Out YouTuber’s Cryptic Bumblebee

YouTuber Bailey Brooke Sarian, who was born on November 26, 1988, is well-known for her podcast Dark History and the video series Murder, Mystery & Makeup.

She has established the “true crime makeup” YouTube video subgenre.

Murder Mystery and Makeup

Bailey Sarian is one of YouTube’s most well-known personalities and a leading voice in the true crime genre because of her “Murder, Mystery, and Makeup” (“MMM”) channel.

The makeup artist used her incredible multitasking skills to recount a real-life murder in great detail while speaking directly to the audience and applying an elaborate cosmetics look. The out-of-the-ordinary combo has achieved great success.

Bailey Sarian, as of now, has nearly 6.5 million subscribers. Her two popular TV series are “Murder, Mystery, and Makeup” (“MMM”), which centers around true crimes, and “Dark History.”

However, the latter option is less popular and has created content impressively more consistently since its 2021 presentation.

What happened to Bailey Sarian
Bailey Sarian (Source: Instagram)

The fame of “MMM” is far more noteworthy, with many views per video. It fills in as the foundation of Sarian’s easily recognized name.

There are several places on the internet where Bailey Sarian’s fans resent “Dark History.” Many believe that the continuity of that series will remain unaltered.

At the same time, “Murder, Mystery, and Makeup” is still caught in a dangerous headwind. Sarian declared a vacation at the end of 2021, and she duly returned in January with fresh “MMM” videos.

What happened to Bailey Sarian?

Bailey Sarian recently posted about wanting a new bumblebee tattoo. The bumble bee tattoo has two connotations related to defense and protection.

The bumble bee is renowned for its diligence as well, in addition. Bumblebee tattoos may also signify a celebration of community because of the symbolism associated with the iconic creature.

With her Murder, Mystery & Makeup series, she has created a fortune by fusing true crime and beauty. Don’t get her wrong, she loves what she does, but she recently admitted that writing about such gory subjects may be very taxing.

Personal life

Sarian called Los Angeles home. She developed an interest in true crime since her 911 dispatcher mother occasionally took little Sarian to work.

She has Armenian ancestry. She has revealed that she has never been married or given birth in a Q&A video on her YouTube channel.

Saint, her dog, remained with her ex-partner Fern following their breakup. Saint passed away in August 2023, and Bailey and Fern posted about it via social media.

Her Work

In June 2021, she published the premiere episode of her AudioBoom-exclusive digital broadcast Dark History.

On her YouTube channel, various videos of the webcast were posted by Wheelhouse DNA that were shot in Los Angeles.

They were published the day after the Audiboom publication. She has also put on cosmetic products while watching mystery films on the official Netflix YouTube channel.

As an expert, she performed cosmetics for weddings, commercials, and music recordings. She has additionally made excellent illustrations that draw inspiration from stars like Kat Von D. She started her YouTube journey in the year 2013.

Before presenting more non-fiction narration in 2019, she gave cosmetic lessons and gave data about the fashion business. She can get the attention of her crowd with her cosmetics storytime combination.

Before introducing more nonfiction storytelling in 2019, she created cosmetic lessons and gave information about the fashion business. She has a talent for grabbing the attention of her audience with her makeup and storytime combination.

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