What happened to Austin Ekeler? Austin Ekeler’s Injury update

Austin Ekeler, the Los Angeles Chargers’ star running back, has been a fantasy football star in recent years because he consistently puts on top performances.

Be that as it may, his promising 2023 NFL season took a questionable go because of one week of injury.

In this article, we will dive into the details of what befell Austin Ekeler and what fantasy football managers can anticipate in the coming weeks

What happened to Austin Ekeler?

In the initial round of the 2023 NFL season, Austin Ekeler displayed his ability by and by. He accumulated 20 touches for 164 yards and, surprisingly, found the end zone.

What happened to Austin Ekeler
What happened to Austin Ekeler?

Fantasy football managers celebrated, however, their happiness was brief as Ekeler needed to pass on the game rashly because of a lower leg injury.

The Seriousness of the Injury

Despite Ekeler’s great exhibition, the Chargers stayed quiet about the seriousness of his ankle injury. This absence of straightforwardness left fantasy managers in obscurity about the degree of the harm.

The vulnerability encompassing his physical issue raised worries among the people who had put resources into him as a foundation of their fantasy football teams

The status of Ekeler for Week 2

As the NFL season’s second week approached, every fantasy manager wondered if Ekeler would be available to play. Sadly, the circumstances stayed uncertain.

Ekeler missed practice on Wednesday, flagging that the group was not surging him back onto the field.

Lead trainer Brandon Staley expressed that Ekeler’s status for the impending game against the Tennessee Titans was obscure, underscoring the need to survey how he answers treatment.

The Wait-and-See Approach

The Chargers’ choice to embrace a “Wait-and-See” approach concerning Ekeler’s physical issue additionally added to the vulnerability.

Austin Ekeler
Austin Ekeler (Source: Instagram)

Ekeler’s recovery is closely monitored as part of this strategy, and decisions are made based on how well he responds to treatment.

It demonstrates the team’s cautious approach to making sure their star running back is back to full strength before returning to the field.

Josh Kelley: The Substitution Choice

In the absence of Ekeler during Week 1, Josh Kelley moved forward splendidly. 16 times he carried the ball, gained 91 yards, and scored a touchdown.

For fantasy managers looking to possibly replace Ekeler, Kelley arose as a suitable waiver wire addition. His performance in the first week demonstrated his capacity to contribute and offer a temporary solution while Ekeler recovers.

The Uncertain Future

At this point, the eventual fate of Austin Ekeler in the 2023 NFL season stays dubious. His status for Week 2 is problematic, and it relies on how rapidly he can recuperate from his ankle injury.

Ankle injuries are notoriously challenging for NFL players, especially for running backs who depend on agility and speed. 

Fantasy managers who had likely chosen Ekeler as a first-round draft pick ought to get ready for elective setup choices in Week 2 and then some.


Austin Ekeler’s physical issue in Week 1 of the 2023 NFL season has created a shaded area of vulnerability over his fantasy football possibilities.

He gave an outstanding performance before his injury, but the severity of the ankle injury is still unknown.

fantasy managers should plan for the chance of Ekeler missing time and think about elective choices, for example, Josh Kelley, as they explore the vulnerabilities of Ekeler’s recovery.

In the end, the Chargers’ wait-and-see strategy demonstrates how crucial it is to prioritize Ekeler’s long-term health and performance over immediate returns in fantasy football.

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