What happened to Ari in the First Wives Club? Ari’s Riveting Journey in First Wives Club Season 3

Before acknowledging that people drift away as we age, Ari (Ryan Michelle Bathe) longingly recalls how much her best friends supported her during the happy times, especially her idyllic wedding.

Ari listens to voicemails from Hazel (Jill Scott), who apologizes for missing Ari’s political husband David’s (Mark Tallman) fundraiser, and Bree (Michelle Buteau), who informs her that her sitter has canceled, before leaving a silver framed photo of that moment behind.

The next scene is a montage of Ari supporting her family’s extraordinary existence by volunteering for speeches and meetings and delaying the advancement of her brilliant legal profession.

As we flip to Hazel recording a song in the studio with the lyrics, she signs in anguish when she has a moment to herself.

Who is Ari in the First Wives Club?

Ryan Michelle Bathe portrayed Ari Montgomery in the television series First Wives Club. American actress Ryan Michelle Bathe was born in 1976 and possesses diverse skills.

Bathe was raised in Stamford, Connecticut, and was influenced by Clare Bathe. A former member of the Machine, a funk, disco, and rock group from the late 1970s, Clare Bathe is also an actor and vocalist. Bathe pursued higher studies as her passion for the performing arts deepened.

After graduating from Stanford University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, she went to New York University to pursue her education and acquire a Master of Fine Arts degree.

In addition, she takes great pride in belonging to the esteemed sorority Delta Sigma Theta.

What happened to Ari in the First Wives Club?

In the second episode of Season 3 of First Wives Club, Ryan Michelle Bathe’s character Ari Montgomery was slain. Before she could attend David’s wedding, she passed away from a brain aneurysm (Mark Tallman).

Since she was a major character in the program, many fans were shocked to learn of her passing. The show’s Hazel, played by Jill Scott, expressed her rage at the choice to kill Ari.

She felt it detracted from the show and was unneeded. She did say that she was happy to have the opportunity to convey Hazel’s pain and present the character differently.

What happened to Ari in the First Wives Club
Ari Montgomery

The decision to kill Ari was made by show creators Robert Sternberg, Darren Star, and others. Their goal was to create a plot that was both intensely felt and shocking at the same time.

Additionally, the directors aimed to show that, despite life’s ups and downs, one should never give up.

Why did Ari’s murder by the First Wives Club occur?

As was previously mentioned, Ari unexpectedly passed away during the concert. Admirers are curious about the decision’s rationale and timing.

Darren Star and Tracy Oliver, the show’s creators, ultimately decided to cut her out. They promised to compose a story that would be both stunning and intense.

They also thought it was important to show how important it is to keep moving forward despite setbacks in life.

Moreover, the creators of the series aimed to show that it was prepared to take risks going forward.

As you may be aware, Jill Scott wasn’t happy with the decision taken in light of Ari’s untimely passing. Throughout the first two seasons of the show, Bathe was a series regular.

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