What happened to Aoi Todo in the Shibuya Incident arc? Aoi Todo’s Drastic Change in Jujutsu Kaisen and the Aftermath

Within Jujutsu Kaisen, Aoi Todo proved to be a fierce combatant when he and Yuji Itadori faced formidable foes in the Shibuya Incident.

He acted bravely, but a crucial collision with Mahito resulted in a devastating injury.

This injury left fans and viewers in a dilemma about what happened to him after that. Let’s get into the article to find out what happened to Aoi Todo in the Shibuya Incident arc.

Did Aoi Todo die in the Shibuya Incident arc of Jujutsu Kaisen?

No, because Aoi Todo did not lose his life in the Shibuya Incident arc. Todo experiences a lot of problems but he does not die.

What happened to Aoi Todo in the Shibuya Incident arc
Aoi Todo

It is worth mentioning that even in the crucial Shibuya Incident arc of Jujutsu Kaisen, Aoi Todo survived many trials and tribulations.

This was an intensive period for Todo when he fought the Mahito and the course of his life changed.

However, in the middle of it, Mahito applied his Idle Transfiguration Technique, which led to the cutting off of one of Todo’s hands.

By taking this critical action, Todo failed to use the Cursed Technique, which enabled him to move places by clapping his hands.

What happened to Aoi Todo in the Shibuya Incident arc?

With his hand cut, Aoi Todo lost his special Cursed Technique. His combat technique was significantly changed by this irreversible loss, which also changed his part in the story’s later events.

Within the core of the Shibuya arc, he fought as if to die for the sake of Yuji Itadori. Their brave intervention against the powerful adversary with the intent of reversing the outcome of intense warfare was associated with courage.

However, in between the battles, Mahito released Idle Transfiguration of Destruction. However, one of Aoi Todo’s hands was split in half by this powerful turn of events.

Moreover, this moment was not only painful physically but also carried with it an even graver effect—Todo lost his birthright to perform the so-called Cursed Technique.

However, all of Todo’s special skills were killed, including “Todo” swapping positions with each other and using a strange way of clapping.

With the loss of his hand and Mahito’s technique changing his soul’s essence, Todos never used another prosthesis nor could he deliver his trademark attack any longer.

Todo tried his best during Shibuya Inciden to help Yuji but he changed after that encounter with Mahito, causing his skills to be different and affecting the following events of the story.

Why doesn’t Aoi Todo fight after the Shibuya Incident arc?

The outcome of his encounter with Mahito is why Aoi Todo has not been involved in any battle since the Shibuya Incident arc in Jujutsu Kaisen.

In a fatal encounter, the Idle Transfiguration method used by Mahito injured Todo by cutting one of his hands and brought about permanent alterations in his spirit. It is essential, as even attempting to correct it using a prosthesis is infeasible.

His peculiar Cursed Technique was the main foundation that enabled him to trade places with a clap and the strategy based on this is inherent to his fighting manner.

However, the profound effect of Mahito’s technique turned out to be so powerful that it made Todo’s hand feel as though he had never had a limb.

This results in the loss of this crucial dimension of cursed energy and hence he cannot perform his special attack or fight well.

The change beyond bodily incapacity is really what lies behind the reasons why Aoi Todo did not fight any more after the Shibuya Incident, since the nature of his fighting ability had come to be associated with his altered soul.

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