What happened to Anthony Richardson?

In the ever-evolving world of sports news coverage, some personalities enlighten the screens with their charisma and passion for the game.

Anthony Richardson, a name inseparable from boundless energy and irresistible enthusiasm, had turned into a household favorite for sports fans around the world.

However, recently, a baffling void has arisen in the domain of sports reporting, leaving fans and supporters pondering: What happened to Anthony Richardson? 

In this article, we leave on a journey to unwind the riddle, uncover the murmurs, and uncover the reality behind the unexpected absence of the one who provides joy to the world of sports analysis.

Who is Anthony Richardson?

Anthony Dashawn Richardson, welcomed to the world on May 22, 2002, has taken the NFL as the dynamic quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts.

This rising star’s journey to professional football started during his college years in Florida, where his extraordinary ability grabbed the eye of scouts.

In his debut year at Florida in 2020, Richardson showed glimmers of brilliance, appearing in only four games and showing his true capacity with a scoring pass and a capture. 

As the 2021 season came in, Richardson embraced the role of Emory Jones’ reinforcement.

However, his defining moment came when he ventured onto the field against LSU, having an enduring impression by finishing 10 of 19 passes for 167 yards.

His performance included three touchdowns, two interceptions, and a wonderful rushing touchdown.

This surprising showcase of talent and athleticism made him a hot prospect for the 2023 NFL Draft. The Indianapolis Colts perceived his true capacity and chose him as the fourth overall pick.

Richardson’s combined results astoundingly positioned him as the most athletic quarterback prospect in NFL history, as per the Relative Athletic Score (RAS) metric. 

Anthony Richardson’s journey is one of commitment and potential, as he takes the NFL, ready to make a permanent imprint on the game.

What happened to Anthony Richardson?

During the intense Week 5 clash between the Colts and Titans in the AFC South, a pivotal moment in the game took a concerning turn for Anthony Richardson.

It was in the second quarter when Richardson left on a planned run to the outside, just to be met by Titans linebacker Harold Landry III in a tackle that finished with the quarterback’s right shoulder taking a significant impact.

What happened to Anthony Richardson
What happened to Anthony Richardson?

In the repercussions of the tackle, Richardson’s quick response was to grip his right shoulder, demonstrating a potential issue.

The Indianapolis medical team quickly rushed to his aid, and it wasn’t long before Richardson needed to make the agonizing walk to the locker room, his right arm hanging by his side.

At first, there was a hint of hope as Richardson was marked “questionable” to get back to the game, however, that confidence immediately blurred as he was downsized to “out.”

The anxiety among fans was palpable, however the initial X-rays on Richardson’s shoulder gave a beam of hope, proposing no indications of a broken collarbone. However, further testing was deemed necessary.

With Richardson sidelined, Gardner Minshew ventured into the role during the matchup, consequently becoming the Colts’ starting quarterback pushing ahead.

As they prepare for Seven Days 6 showdowns against Minshew’s previous group, the Jaguars, the Colts and their fans expect a quick and full recovery for Anthony Richardson.

Richardson to Undergo Season-Ending Shoulder Surgery

On October 18, the Indianapolis Colts authoritatively affirmed that quarterback Anthony Richardson would go through season-ending shoulder surgery.

Just days before, Colts owner Jim Irsay had mentioned that Richardson was thinking about this choice. The surgery is supposed to guarantee his full recovery for training camp and the 2024 season.

The decision was at last passed on to Richardson, with group conversations prompting the conclusion that the surgery was the best course of action.

Earlier, on October 11, the Colts put Richardson on injured reserve, which implied he would be sidelined for at least four games.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter revealed that Richardson’s absence could reach out to somewhere around a month, conceivably extending to about two months before his return to the field.

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