What happened to Anthony Kim face? Who is he and where’s he been?

Anthony Kim is an American professional golfer. In addition to representing his nation in two significant competitions, the Ryder Cup and the Presidents Cup, he has won three major golf tournaments.

However, an injury he sustained in 2012 put a stop to his career. He has not participated in any significant golf competitions since then.

There are rumors that he may have purchased insurance in case his injury prevented him from continuing in his career. He might receive a substantial payout from this insurance—up to $20 million, perhaps.

Anthony Kim shocked everyone in 2024 after taking a few years off from golf. He entered the LIV Golf League, a brand-new professional golf league, to resume his career.

The fact that some of the greatest golfers in the world compete in this league is drawing a lot of attention. Fans of Anthony Kim are thrilled about his return and can not wait to see him play golf again.

This article will help you discover the mystery behind Anthony Kim’s sudden disappearance from professional golf and his anticipated return after a hiatus.

Furthermore, it will discover the tale of the injuries, the money talks, and the return to the forefront of the sport.

What happened to Anthony Kim’s face?

Rival and Firebird founder Nathan Hubbard tweeted that Norman has withheld information that the majority of fans were hoping to see.

What happened to Anthony Kim's face
Anthony Kim returns to golf

The face of Anthony Kim. “When you see Anthony Kim, his face is going to surprise most of you,” wrote Nathan. And in the strangely quiet time leading up to his comeback, LIV has yet to reveal his face.”

His facial features have changed significantly, leading many to believe that he has had plastic surgery on his cheekbones and nose.

On the other hand, some theories contend that he may have begun using drugs, as evidenced by the changes to his nose and face. The specifics of the plastic surgery he had done on his face and nose are still unknown.

There is no way of knowing the real reason for these changes, so people can only speculate.

Anthony Kim
Anthony Kim

Why did Anthony Kim stop playing?

Before the age of 25, Kim had won three PGA Tour titles, but injuries cut short his career almost as quickly as it had begun.

He was expected to be sidelined from the game for up to a year following his rehabilitation for an Achilles tendon repair. Instead, he disappeared for 12 years, offering few clues about his absence.

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