What happened to Angie Smith?

Angie Smith has gained a ton of respect in the NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle racing community thanks to her championship victories and lightning-fast speeds in a predominantly male-dominated sport.

However, a terrible occurrence that occurred recently at the AAA Midwest Nationals has racing enthusiasts and the general public worried for her safety.

This article will go into the accident’s specifics, her racing career, and her unusual love story with fellow racer Matt Smith.

Who is Angie Smith?

Angie Smith is a seasoned participant in the NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle division and is from King, North Carolina.

She is praised for her lightning-fast speeds, setting a personal record of 197.77 mph and winning a championship. Angie has skillfully carved herself a route and won great respect among the racing community in a largely male-dominated sport.

What happened to Angie Smith?

At 198.93 mph during her qualifying lap, Smith lost control of her motorcycle. Angie Smith was competing in the AAA Midwest Nationals when a tragedy happened.

The incident didn’t involve any onlookers or the announcers in the control tower; it happened near Madison, Illinois, a suburb of St. Louis.

What happened to Angie Smith?
What happened to Angie Smith?

Smith, a seasoned athlete from King, North Carolina, was at the scene of the accident fully conscious and engaging with the security staff.

She was nonetheless carried on a stretcher to a local hospital. There hasn’t been any new information about her condition as of now.

Smith was now sixth in the Pro Stock Motorcycle rankings before the incident. Several racers decided not to participate in the qualifying rounds as a result of the incident, including Angie’s husband Matt Smith, Jianna Evaristo, and Joey Gladstone.

How did the accident happen?

When Smith had just finished the second of her three qualifying runs, posting a 6.880-second pass at 198.93 mph, the accident happened in the shutdown area.

On Saturday afternoon, the NHRA released a statement regarding the event. They claim that during the second round of Pro Stock Motorcycle qualification at the World Wide Technology Raceway, Angie Smith lost control of her motorcycle after crossing the finish line.

While she was still aware, the NHRA medical team evaluated her before transporting her to a local hospital for more testing.

Angie Smith’s married life

The Romeo and Juliet of pro stock motorcycle racing is Angie and Matt Smith.

When they faced off early in their careers, the now-married couple were sworn foes. It didn’t seem likely that they would ever get along, much less fall in love.

After spending some time together, he managed to win her over. Since they have been married since the beginning of 2009, they have had success defying the “never date your coworker” rule.

Simply because we get to hang together all the time, Matt Smith added, “It’s fun.” “She gets to go everywhere with me.

We are constantly working at the shop. We just always hang around together. We’ve moved past the honeymoon stage and are just enjoying being together right now.

How is Angie Smith now?

Smith was still hospitalized and would be seeing a skin graft surgeon, according to a late-night Facebook post by family spokesperson Sadie Glenn.

They wanted to provide everyone with an update, Glenn said. She must stay tonight even though we don’t know everything. She has a severe road rash and two shattered feet. In the morning, we will meet with the skin transplant surgeon.

They wanted to express their gratitude for all the messages and phone calls, and they promised to keep you updated. The fact that Angie is stabilized and will be okay right now is crucial.

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