What happened to Angellica on the Martin Lewis Show? ITV Reacts to Angellica Bell’s Unexpected ‘Sacking’

Angellica Bell, a star of the Martin Lewis Money Show, was sacked from her role, according to reports this month. Since 2017, the 47-year-old TV presenter has co-hosted ITV’s finance and consumer affairs program with Martin Lewis. During her six series on the show, she received a BAFTA nomination.

However, Saira Khan played her role before Angellica joined the team. Jeanette Kwakye, a retired sprinter and broadcaster, currently holds the position.

Here is what has happened in the weeks since Angellica’s departure was first reported.

What happened to Angellica on the Martin Lewis Show?

Angellica Bell is no longer on The Martin Lewis Show because she left in March 2023. She has been hosting the show since 2017.

The presenter decided to quit the show to pursue other projects, which included landing her own Weekend Breakfast Show on Magic Radio. Angelica has also appeared on Channel 5’s brand new show, Shop Smart, Save Money.

Meanwhile, in her final episode of The Martin Lewis Money Show, Martin stated, “I would like to thank Angelica for the series, you have been wonderful.”

Angellica on the Martin Lewis Show
Angellica Bell’s Martin Lewis Show exit

Angelica then responded, “Can I say thank you to you, Martin, for all of your hard work and time spent on this show?

“You are brilliant and help a lot of people. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Angelica has been replaced by Jeanette Kwakye, a former Team GB athlete. After retiring from sports, the former Olympic sprinter became a television presenter. She has joined the Martin Lewis Money Show as a co-host for season 13, which premiered on October 31, 2023.

Martin and Angellica on social media platforms

Following the news of Angellica’s departure, she and Martin have remained active on social media. Fans have also shown their support for Angellica in the comments section of Instagram posts.

Despite the significant changes to the show they co-hosted, Martin has not publicly addressed her departure.

ITV discusses ‘amicable relationship’ with Angelica


ITV has responded to reports of Angellica’s departure by stating, “Angellica is not working on the Martin Lewis Money Show Live.”

However, our relationship with her remains friendly, and we are collaborating with her on other upcoming projects.”

Angelica has also appeared on Lorraine in the past few days. Furthermore, Angellica, who also hosts Magic Radio, appeared on ITV’s morning show to discuss a breast cancer charity song featuring Joss Stone that is aiming to top the charts.

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