What happened to Andy on Tacoma FD? Is Eugene leaving Tacoma FD?

The Tacoma, Washington, firehouse serves as the backdrop for the American sitcom Tacoma FD. On TruTV, the show debuted on March 28, 2019.

The show was given a fourth season renewal in November 2021, with a premiere date of July 20, 2023. The show was canceled in February 2024 following four seasons.

Tacoma, Washington is home to a firehouse where Tacoma FD is held. As one of the wettest cities in the nation, Tacoma has very few fires to put out.

Despite this, firefighters are always prepared to fight fires, even though they usually end up handling the less glamorous aspects of their work.

Andy Myawani
Tacoma FD’s fifth season will not exist.

Brilliant comedy Tacoma FD has won over truTV viewers’ hearts with charm. But a strange absence in the most recent season has fans baffled and searching the internet for explanations.

What happened to Andy on Tacoma FD?

Unexpectedly, Andy Myawani is absent from Tacoma FD Season 4 due to scheduling conflicts.

Andy Myawani, a key character in Tacoma FD season 4, is absent. One of the key characters in the truTV television series since the first season debuted in 2019.

Cordero has starred in the show for three seasons as one of the unconventional firefighters. However, due to unchangeable circumstances, Cordero was unable to return for season 4.

The crew is shown putting out the previously mentioned ridiculous string fire at Pirate World in the opening scene of Tacoma FD season 4, and Andy Myawani is nowhere to be found.

After a few scenes, Andy’s fate is revealed by an inadvertent question raised by Lucy McConky as she breaks the good news to her coworkers that they can return to Station 24.

What happened to Andy on Tacoma FD

Andy took a different job, refusing to go to the amusement park with the other firefighters.

It is revealed that Andy chose a more sedate lifestyle and works full-time at his uncle’s carpet business. This move to a more “low-key,” as the show puts it, the role is a subtle pun that alludes to his character from the Marvel series.

However, the question still stands: Would Tacoma FD’s Andy, played by Eugene Cordero, return in a future season?

Though fans are left holding on to hope in the absence of any confirmation of a fifth season, the possibility is still there.

The argument about Andy’s future is still roiling the show’s devoted fan base while we wait for official word on a fifth season.

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