What happened to Andrew Wiggins? Why was he missing for 22 games last season?

Meet Andrew Wiggins, the basketball wizard from the Golden State Warriors who mysteriously vanished for 22 games last season, leaving everyone scratching their heads.

It was like a real-life game of hide-and-seek! Rumors flew faster than a basketball, suggesting everything from family emergencies to disappearing acts worthy of a magic show. And hey, there was even gossip about romance tricks!

But amidst the confusion, Wiggins stayed tight-lipped and focused. Now, he’s back with a vengeance, ready to dunk away the doubts, and aiming to make his mark as a basketball superhero. Hold onto your seats; Wiggins’ comeback is going to be legendary!

What happened to Andrew Wiggins?

Last season, Andrew Wiggins vanished for 22 games. He kept the reasons behind his disappearance a secret. Rumors swirled about family emergencies and even gossip about him pulling a “David Copperfield” with his girlfriend.

But Wiggins stayed mum, focusing on reappearing on the court stronger than ever. A man of mystery, Wiggins left everyone scratching their heads and wondering, “Where did he go?”

However, in April 2023, Wiggins revealed to the reporters that he had gone to stay with his family. “When you’re in a certain situation, and your family needs you and requires your attention and your love, that’s my first priority… Family is always first for me.”

The player’s father was allegedly undergoing a serious medical situation.

What happened to Andrew Wiggins
Andrew Wiggins was away from court, taking care of a critical family situation last year.

Is Wiggins coming back this season?

Yes, Andrew Wiggins is on a comeback spree this season! After his wild disappearing act, the former All-Star aims for a hoops resurrection.

He’s got his eyes set on reclaiming his All-Star status and locking down a spot on the All-NBA Defensive Team. In an exclusive chat, Wiggins spilled the beans on his game plan: ace defense and consistent performance. He’s ready to swoop in like a superhero and save the Warriors from last season’s woes.

Andrew Wiggins, the 6-foot-7 basketball dynamo, is revving up for a slam-dunk season with the Warriors. Despite his vanishing act and dealing with family stuff, he’s all set to unleash his inner b-ball beast.

With the Phoenix Suns on the horizon, Wiggins is prepped to bring thunder and lightning to the court. He’s determined to silence the critics, show off his skills, and make his mark among the NBA elite.


Andrew Wiggins is coming back and the fans are rooting to see him back in action. The hopes are high and the stakes are higher. Andrew’s comeback has long been awaited by fans and competitors alike. One thing we can say for sure is that this season will turn heads, sell more tickets, bring more tears, and hear more cheers. So stay tuned!

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