What happened to Amy on Dead files? Unveiling the secret

In the enigmatic world of the paranormal, where the boundary between the living and the departed blurs into a mysterious realm, there’s a show that has kept viewers on the edge of their seats since 2011.

From the enigmatic Amy Allan, the show’s evolution has taken an intriguing turn. But before we look into these revelations, let’s first explore the essence of Amy Allan and the uncanny mysteries she seeks to unravel.

Amy Allen is not your typical ghost-hunting woman; she’s a unique blend of psychic insight and investigative expertise of whom we are talking today.

Who is Amy on dead files?

In the Travel Channel series “The Dead Files,” Amy Allan makes use of her psychic powers to solve mysterious paranormal events in haunted locales around America alongside retired homicide investigator Steve DiSchiavi.

Allan speaks with the deceased, frequently taking on their persona and experiencing their demise, while DiSchiavi looks for tangible proof using his years of expertise as a detective.

The connections between Allan and DiSchiavi’s investigations are dramatically shown in each unexpected conclusion when they meet together at the end to discuss their findings with each household.

In her home at Arvada, Colorado, Amy said that she has been haunted by shadow people when she was 4 years old. She said that these experiences sparked her interet in the paranormal activities.

Ever since Allan has embarked upon a quest to solve the riddles surrounding the unexplainable. Amy has been trained under many experienced psychics.

What happened to Amy on Dead files?

Amy is no longer a part of Dead Files. The longtime cast member of “The Dead Files,” Amy Allan, is no longer involved with the show.

The Travel Channel, which broadcasts the show, confirmed her resignation in April 2023. She departed during Season 15.

What happened to Amy on Dead files
What happened to Amy on Dead files?

After contributing to the program for many years and assisting with the investigation of more than 200 paranormal cases, Amy made the decision to take a vacation.

She gave her position to psychic medium Cindy Kaza, who currently collaborates with Steve DiSchiavi to continue the show’s unsolved mysteries.

Amy Allan announced on Instagram that she is taking a year off from running her online business, attending courses, and participating in paranormal events in addition to concentrating on her health.

During the fifteenth season of the program, she left. In April 2023, The Travel Channel made an announcement about her resignation, citing that she had chosen to take a “personal break” following more than 200 episodes of the show.

Cindy Kaza, a psychic medium, took over from Amy as the show’s investigator of paranormal incidents. She currently collaborates with Steve DiSchiavi.

Amy Allen’s Lovelife

Amy and Matthew Anderson were previously wed from 2011 until 2013. Matthew operated the show’s camera at the time of their marriage.

Regarding her purported abilities as a medium, he described himself as a “hardcore skeptic” in a 2012 interview with the Travel Channel.

Matt said that when they were filming a video for their program, he never really knew what Amy was looking at.

All he knew was that whatever it was that touched her at each place, he never knew what to search for. It didn’t appear to improve their connection, whether or not he began to believe in her ability.

2013 saw the couple’s purported divorce. Amy and Rob Traegler were wed in 2018, and Amy is now his wife.

Rob directed a number of investigative programs, including Mysteries and Scandals (2018) and even The Dead Files.

He actually got to know Amy when they were both working on the program. There are no kids that Amy and Rob have together.

What is Dead Files show about?

The Travel Channel debuted the American paranormal television series The Dead Files on September 23, 2011.

In order to give evidence of paranormal activity, physical mediums Amy Allan, Cindy Kaza, and Steve DiSchiavi—a former NYPD homicide detective—investigate purportedly haunted areas at the request of their customers.

Instead of influencing the other partner’s side of the investigation, each partner is seen investigating the matter on their own.

When they compare their results in the program’s last section, known as the “reveal,” they and their clients meet together.

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