What happened to Amy Allan on Dead Files? Changes In The Beloved Show Brings New Energy

The 15th season of the popular paranormal series “The Dead Files” brought a bittersweet announcement for fans.

Amy Allan, a founding cast member and renowned physical medium, has caused buzz about a certain thing.

Many of her fans are unaware of it and are very eager to know what happened to Amy Allan.

If you too want to know what’s happening with Amy Allan on “Dead Files,” then you must delve into the article and find it out yourself.

What happened to Amy Allan on Dead Files?

Amy Allan, the renowned physical medium and founding cast member of “The Dead Files,” left the series after the fifth episode of its 15th season, which aired on June 29, 2023.

This choice really shocked fans, as Amy Allan had been an essential piece of the series since its origin in 2011.

What happened to Amy Allan on Dead Files
What happened to Amy Allan on Dead Files?

While her takeoff denoted the conclusion of a significant time period for “The Dead Files,” it likewise made it ready for mystic medium Cindy Kaza to assume control over the job and proceed with the show’s paranormal investigations.

Passing the Torch to Cindy Kaza

In spite of Amy Allan’s departure, “The Dead Files” has not entirely settled on proceeding with its paranormal examinations with another clairvoyant medium.

The Travel Channel reported that Cindy Kaza would be taking control of the job recently held by Amy Allan.

This is undeniable progress in the series, as watchers guessed how Cindy Kaza would bring her novel capacities and point of view to the show.

Cindy Kaza’s experience and capacities as a clairvoyant medium were familiar to viewers. As per her official site, she has been very natural since her youth and had her most memorable experience with a soul at 10 years old.

This early experience was critical in helping her understand her clairvoyant and mediumistic capacities. Her excursion into self-disclosure and investigation of her multi-layered capacities made her ready for her vocation as a clairvoyant medium.

Did Amy Allan leave “Dead Files”?

Yes, Amy Allan has left “Dead Files.” The Travel Channel formally revealed Amy Allan’s flight as a feature of the show’s return. It was uncovered that she would leave the series halfway through its fifteenth season for a “personal break.”

Amy Allan on Dead Files
Amy Allan on Dead Files

This startling improvement overwhelmed fans, given Amy Allan’s fundamental role in the show’s prosperity.

In a public statement, the Travel Channel recognized Amy Allan’s devoted organization with Steve DiSchiavi, her co-star, for more than 200 episodes.

Her extraordinary capacities as an actual medium have been a crucial piece of the show since its commencement in 2011.

The organization expressed its appreciation for her commitment to the series and the paranormal investigations it highlighted.

Cindy Kaza’s Television Appearances

Cindy’s first experience with “The Dead Files” was not her initial introduction to the universe of paranormal TV.

Prior to joining the series, she had appeared in a few other paranormal-themed shows, exhibiting her capacity as a clairvoyant medium.

A portion of the shows she has been a part of incorporate “The Holzer Files,” “Ghosts of Devil’s Perch,” “Ghosts of Flight 401,” “Scream: The True Story,” and many more.

Cindy Kaza’s broad involvement with paranormal TV made it a fitting decision to proceed with the tradition of paranormal examinations on “The Dead Files.”

Her capacity to interface with the soul world and her history in the field of mystic mediumship made her a convincing addition to the show.

Amy Allan’s Post-“The Dead Files” Plans

Following her departure from “The Dead Files,” Amy Allan took to Instagram to address her fans and shed light on her arrangements for what’s to come.

At the point when a fan asked about her following stages, she revealed that she would need a year to zero in on her wellbeing.

During this time, she expected to appreciate running her web-based store, reviving her abilities through rub school, directing studios, and, surprisingly, partaking in a little paranormal activity.

Amy Allan’s commitment to her wellbeing and prosperity was apparent in her choice to move away from the serious work of paranormal examinations highlighted on the show.

Her arrangements to keep directing studios and partaking in paranormal occasions showed her continuous obligation to her otherworldly and psychic journey.

Supporting Amy Allan’s Post-“The Dead Files” Endeavors

For those keen on supporting Amy Allan in her post-“The Dead Files” attempts, she urged fans to visit her online store.

She communicated her excitement for finding new things, especially dresses, collectibles, and stones, alongside her companion Danielle.

This internet-based store furnished fans with a valuable chance to associate with Amy Allan and investigate her inclinations beyond the show.

Amy Allan’s departure from “The Dead Files” denoted a critical and defining moment in the series.

Her choice to enjoy some time off after more than 10 years of hard work was met with both appreciation for her commitments and expectation for the fate of the show with Cindy Kaza assuming control.

Amy Allan’s arrangements for her post-“The Dead Files” venture, which remembered centering on her wellbeing and participating in different undertakings, displayed her obligation to self-awareness and prosperity.

As “The Dead Files” went on with another psychic medium, the tradition of paranormal investigation continued, enthralling crowds with the secrets of the unexplored world.

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