What happened to Amanda Makar on Port protection? Is Amanda Makar still in Port Protection?

People who survive in isolation in Alaska’s most remote regions are the focus of the National Geographic documentary, reality series, and survival program Port Protection. This is not the Alaska we see being romanticized in cinemas.

This Alaska is wild, raw, and abandoned. After a two-year-long gap, the show finally made a big comeback, but unfortunately, with many changes. First, Life Before Zero: Port Protection became the new title of the program.

The second change that perhaps didn’t sit well with the fans was the decision to not recast a few members.

It is no secret that viewers grew accustomed to and attached to the members as they appeared on screen over time. Fans hoped that Amanda Makar would not be the last troop member to leave early after season 2, even though she was one of them.

Can you survive in isolation in a remote location where the luxuries of the urban world, including basic things like electricity, are absent?

The cast and crew of Life Below Zero: Port Protection have perfected the art of surviving in a difficult, harsh environment that pushes the limits of survival.

Given the struggles they face, who would not develop a close bond with such? Because Amanda showed great survival skills, fans were disappointed by her absence. So, where is Port Protection’s Amanda Maker at the moment?

What happened to Amanda Makar on port protection?

Amanda was one of the fan-favorites who learned her way through the season to be independent and strong. Her journey was unique from others’ since she was perceived as the newcomer at all times, but that only served to increase her relatability and, ultimately, her level of love.

Throughout the nine episodes she featured in, she even managed to buy her skip and worked day and night to pay off her debts for it.

It was disappointing for viewers to see Amanda and a few other people depart the show without giving any reason. A few even signed petitions to have them come back.

In 2020, National Geographic finally broke their silence about the heartbreaking departure when they were asked about the same by Reality Blurred.

Amanda Makar
Amanda from Port Protection disappeared.

NatGeo’s spokesperson didn’t mention any person specifically but said that many residents moved away from Alaska in between filming.

The good news is that a large number of new people have moved into the small town and will continue to do so indefinitely. The show’s creators have assured that the future seasons will be just as fun with new members onboard.

How can I watch Port Protection Alaska?

By logging into their TV provider or using the streaming service Disney+, viewers can catch up on past episodes on nationalgeographic.com.

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