What happened to Alvin Kamara? Why was he suspended?

Alvin Kamara is a famous American footballer. He was involved in a legal case last year where he was taken into custody and charged with violence of harming somebody.

Alvin has recently been in the news owing to his suspension. Let’s get into the story.

What took place in Las Vegas with Alvin Kamara?

On the morning of Feb. 5, 2022, Kamara, with many people, was waiting for an elevator at The Cromwell Las Vegas Hotel & Casino.

Darnell Greene, the victim, told Las Vegas police that Kamara stopped him from getting inside the elevator.

Alvin Kamara
Alvin Kamara / Source: Instagram

Greene claimed that he pushed Kamara’s hand off his chest, which caused him to stumble before being punched and kicked by multiple people.

Greene told police that he fainted during the event, and he recognized Kamara as one who went after him.

Added remarks by Kamara

“It’s a difficult situation to be in. Naturally, I never want to be a part of anything where someone is hurt, seriously hurt, or anything like that,” Kamara said on Friday, according to reporter Jeff Nowak.

“My judgment was poor. It’s the wrong choice. I’m a dude, though. I can take responsibility for anything I’ve ever done in my life and admit when I’m in error.”

What happened to Alvin Kamara?

The NFL suspended Kamara for three games of the 2023 regular season on Friday for not abiding by the league’s conduct policy.

What happened to Alvin Kamara? Why was he suspended?
What happened to Alvin Kamara?

Kamara was involved in a fight in February 2022 where a man was left severely injured.

How Kamara’s absence will affect the Saints

Whether Alvin Kamara was suspended or not, the Saints needed to improve the depth at running back this offseason following a significant decline in 2022.

When Kamara and Jamaal Williams were on the roster, New Orleans added Jamaal Williams, a former running back for the Packers and Lions.

Williams demonstrated his skill at the goal line in 2022 when he scored a league-high 17 touchdowns. Williams is more than capable of being the best back in the short run.

Additionally, the Saints selected Kendre Miller, a former star at TCU, in the third round of the 2023 NFL Draft. To cover for Kamara’s absence, New Orleans added Eno Benjamin off waivers the previous year.

How has Kamara stacked up lately?

For comparison, according to TruMedia, Kamara concluded his first season in 2017 with an EPA-per-target/rush rate of 0.32.

That is a running back’s second-best performance in the past 23 seasons (minimum 200 touches). In 2000, when he won the MVP award, only Marshall Faulk of the Rams outperformed Kamara with a 0.34 rate.

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