What happened to Alexander Mattison? Why did he face the backlash?

After the Vikings’ 34-28 loss to the Eagles on Thursday night in Philadelphia, Alexander Mattison was the target of racial remarks online.

Mattison, who had 28 rushing yards on nine attempts and lost a fumble, shared screenshots of bigoted and stupid supporters’ direct messages. Mattison estimated that he received more than 60 obscene messages in all. On Instagram, he shared images of two of them.

Mattison’s response

The obscene comment was paired with a note from Mattison, who said that while he can welcome criticism of fantasy football. These messages are “disgustingly disrespectful” and go too far.

Alexander Mattison
Alexander Mattison (Source: Instagram)

In a post on Friday morning, the NFLPA expressed its support for Mattison and offered its services to players who wish to filter their social media to prevent such incidents.

In a separate statement, the Vikings said they were “sickened by the hatred and racist slurs” hurled at Alexander Mattison.

What happened to Alexander Mattison?

Alexander Mattison, a running back for the Vikings, claimed on Instagram that he received more than 60 “disgustingly disrespectful messages” on social media following Thursday’s game against the Eagles.

In his account, Mattison posted screenshots of a few of the abhorrently racist and disgusting DMs.

What happened to Alexander Mattison
What happened to Alexander Mattison?

Mattison wrote that you can criticize me about fantasy and how “you suck” all you want.

“I truly don’t give a damn. However, this s*** is intolerable. SMFH, I sincerely hope the 60+ individuals who chose to bombard me with abhorrently nasty comments and direct messages tonight give it some thought. I am a human, a father, and a son inside my helmet. That’s sick. SMH.”

Mattison struggled to get much ground over the first two games of the season after losing a fumble in the first quarter of the Eagles game. However, football is just that.

It is terrible and shameful to see how he was subjected to racist abuse and told to commit himself.

Nobody should be treated that way. Off the field, Mattison is a wonderful father and a fantastic teammate.

He was recently recognized as the Week 1 NFLPA Community MVP after hosting a back-to-school event for more than 250 underprivileged children in Minnesota through his I AM GIFTED organization.

Fans support Alexander Mattison amid racist messages and threats.

Many online claim that those who submit such messages cannot even be referred to as fans. They flooded the Vikings star’s Twitter account with supportive remarks.

One user noted that these profiles were all anonymous since people knew how absurd their reactions were in real life. Others attributed the misbehaviour to Vikings supporters, saying they weren’t shocked by it.

Surprised by the messages’ content, others asked for the conduct to end.

Alexander Mattison is starting every game for the Minnesota Vikings in his fifth season with the team.

During their Eagles’ defeat, he and other players fumbled the ball. Mattison had 11 touches for 39 yards and fumbled in the first quarter on the opponent’s 35-yard line.

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