What happened to Alberto Del Rio? Roller coaster ride in wrestling

What happened to Alberto Del Rio: José Alberto Rodríguez Chucuan, a Mexican-American professional wrestler, sports commentator, and mixed martial artist, was born on May 25, 1977. In addition, he wrestles for Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide (AAA).

His tenure in Impact Wrestling under the ring name Alberto El Patrón is what made him most famous in the professional wrestling world.

Alberto Del Rio’s performance at the high school gym

In professional wrestling, Alberto Del Rio, a former WWE Superstar, is still a very contentious character. Del Rio once had a large following, but at this point, the majority of them have left.

It follows that Del Rio’s appearance at a high school gym with a pitiful attendance is not surprising.

Additionally, Alberto Del Rio is positive that he will one day be admitted into the WWE Hall of Fame. In any case, after all the terrible things Del Rio has done over the years, only time will tell if he is ever going to turn around.

Why did Alberto Del Rio leave the WWE?

Alberto Del Rio and WWE social media manager Cody Barbieri got into a physical altercation in 2014 when Del Rio slapped Barbieri for something that Alberto thought was racist.

Del Rio then returned to AAA, got himself into absurd physical shape, and started working on becoming a bigger star. And he was successful. He appeared as though he was a true top guy for Lucha Underground, ROH, Japan, and Puerto Rico.

WWE signed him to a large contract (reportedly worth $1.5 million annually) when they called again. Big ideas and a big push were promised, as is often the case these days. The issue was that his push faltered, and those were awful ideas.

Alberto Del Rio claims a WWE return was going to happen last year

After being fired from the WWE back in 2014, Del Rio hasn’t been seen in the promotion for several years. Now and then, rumors that a comeback to WWE is in the works or was previously in the works will surface, usually from the man himself. This has occurred once more.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Del Rio stated after a match on October 5th, 2017, that he was headed back to the company, up until Vince McMahon’s ouster. Meltzer would also point out that Del Rio has traveled this path previously, and naturally, a return has never materialized.

During his brief WWE career, Del Rio experienced considerable success. He won the Royal Rumble a few months after making his debut, then triumphed in Money in the Bank later that year.

What happened to Alberto Del Rio?

Del Rio was taken into custody in May 2020 on charges of beating and sexually abusing his then-girlfriend. In December 2021, the charges were withdrawn due to the disappearance of a witness. In August 2014, Del Rio was fired by WWE due to “unprofessional conduct and an altercation with an employee.”

The “prevailing theory” surrounding Del Rio’s release, according to Marissa Payne of the Washington Post, is that he “slapped a Web producer backstage after the producer allegedly made a racist joke about him.”

For a brief period between October 2015 and September 2016, WWE welcomed Del Rio back. After serving a 30-day suspension for disregarding the company’s wellness policy, he was once again freed.

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