What happened to Alastor Hazbin Hotel? Who is Alastor’s new voice actor?

Hazbin Hotel has received positive reviews since its debut on Prime Video. One of the most appealing aspects is the diverse cast of characters, which includes the intriguing and terrifying Alastor. Many fans have expressed dissatisfaction with the controversial decision to recast the original cast of Hazbin Hotel.

The show follows Lucifer’s daughter, Charlie Morningstar, as she opens a new hotel in Hell where sinners can be redeemed before entering Heaven. It was eventually purchased by A24 and Amazon Studios.

Aside from his unique story, Alastor’s strongest asset is his voice. He has a transatlantic accent, which adds to his sophisticated and educated demeanor.

Who is Alastor in Hazbin Hotel?

Also known as the “Radio Demon,” Alastor is believed to be one of the most powerful characters in the series. Throughout his life, he was a radio show host and a notorious serial killer, earning him entry into Hell.

But of all the demons in Hell, Alastor stands out as a formidable overlord who instills fear in the majority of the realm’s inhabitants.

What happened to Alastor Hazbin Hotel
Hazbin Hotel Controversy Explained

Despite being brutal and cannibalistic, he maintains an unsettling, cheerful demeanor, frequently showing off his sharp, yellow teeth with a wide grin. At first glance, Alastor appears to be a sophisticated and upscale demon.

However, the ruthlessness with which he deals with other demons, as well as the antlers that sprout from his head when he is angry, warn others to stay away.

Viewers have yet to see the full extent of Alastor’s abilities and motivations. Even though he appears to enjoy hanging out at Charlie Morningstar’s Hazbin Hotel, it is clear that he is not there to assist Charlie with her mission out of the goodness of his heart.

He appears to be playing a game, which explains why he is so happy to be at the hotel, but his true motivations are unknown. Needless to say, viewers will be immediately drawn to Alastor and eager to learn more about the formidable demon.

Is Alastor evil in Hazbin Hotel? Who killed Alastor?

Alastor appears friendly and nice, but he is cruel, sadistic, and extremely violent. Otherwise, his behavior, mannerisms, and even his voice resemble those of an old-fashioned radio announcer, as evidenced by his references to modern television as a “picture show” and Charlie as “a charming demon belle.”
Alastor attempted to flee, but the hunter, who had not yet realized his mistake, unleashed the pack of hunting dogs on the wounded serial killer.

Alastor was unable to flee due to his injuries and was brutally mauled to death by the canines, putting an end to his wicked life for good.

Who is Alastor in Hazbin Hotel
Who is Alastor in Hazbin Hotel

Why was the Hazbin Hotel recast?

As of now, no official explanation has been given for why the contentious Hazbin Hotel shakeup occurred. One popular belief is that there were contractual issues when A24 took over the project.

Another possible explanation, which has become the most popular, is that they wanted to encourage more Broadway actors and professional singers to participate in the musical aspect of the series.

Bosco and Brown were replaced by Amir Talai, who has previously voiced characters in Turbo FAST and Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness.

Despite the controversy, Talai’s Alastor voice is very similar to Bosco’s, complete with a transatlantic accent and radio filter.

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