What happened to AJ Armstrong? Is he charged with the murder of his parents?

The horrifying event happened on July 29, 2016. AJ Armstrong, 16, reported hearing gunshots coming from his parent’s bedroom when he contacted 911 at precisely 1:40 a.m.

Officials found that Dawn had already passed away and that the couple had been shot when they arrived at the site. But Antonio, her spouse, was hurt. Sadly, despite being taken to the hospital immediately, he did not survive.

Authorities accused AJ Armstrong of capital murder following a lengthy interview. Currently, he is being detained in Abilene, Texas’s maximum-security Robertson Unit prison. Moreover, in 40 years, he will be qualified for parole.

What happened to AJ Armstrong?

AJ Armstrong was convicted of his parents’ murder. The jailed murderer was recently interviewed by investigative producer Jason Nguyen and reporter Rilwan Balogun of KPRC 2. Armstrong insisted that he was not involved in his parents’ deaths. “I didn’t kill my parents.

I would say falsely convicted because I don’t believe the conviction was the result that should have happened. It should have been either another hung jury or a not-guilty verdict. There’s no way ever I would have in a million years imagined being here.”

“When a Texas couple is murdered in their bed, authorities investigate whether the culprit is a masked intruder or someone closer to home.” according to Rotten Tomatoes’ synopsis of the episode.

Was there a man wearing a mask when the murders took place in the Armstrong home?
KPRC 2 reports that AJ Armstrong stated at his trial that he saw a man with a mask on the day of the murder from the stairway.

What happened to AJ Armstrong
AJ Armstrong accused of parricide

The court asserted that this information was untrue. Authorities built a whole temporary stairwell and concluded that he would have noticed Armstrong too if there had been a man wearing a mask.

Armstrong asserted during the interview that the court’s inquiry and study were unreliable, saying, “It’s just not accurate.

You don’t have to walk down from my third story. You probably could have walked down two or three steps, peeked your head, and been able to see the door. It’s not hard at all. But again, they have to make the narrative of, ‘hey, no, you have to do this, this, and you got to walk down.”

The 23-year-old added that he is still appealing the conviction, so his narrative is far from over. “I can’t tell you the time,” he murmured. “I can tell you the date.

But I want to walk out of here, and I believe I’ll be acquitted. I believe that this thing is going to work itself out. I have no choice but to keep my faith in God.”

The majority of Armstrong’s incarceration is spent in the kitchen. He would rather always have something on his mind.

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