What happened to 95.7 the vibe? Transformation and Frequency Shuffle

In a sudden and dramatic twist, the radio landscape in Kansas City experienced a significant transformation. The once-familiar 95.7 The Vibe went through a remarkable change, leaving listeners in suspense.

This intriguing shift opens up a world of new opportunities and possibilities, promising to redefine the radio experience in Kansas City.

What led to this surprising shift, and what does it mean for the future of KCMO and its listeners? The answer lies in the details of this remarkable change.

KCMO Kansas City Receives a Full-Signal FM Simulcast

In the Kansas City market, Cumulus Media recently awarded talk station KCMO (710) a full-signal FM simulcast on the 95.7 frequency, marking a significant shift.

Its affiliation with CHR station “The Vibe” KCHZ came to an end at this point.

With a strong 96,000-watt Class C1 signal that reaches beyond Topeka and covers the whole Kansas City metro region, the frequency 95.7 is licensed to Ottawa, Kansas.

This frequency change opens up new opportunities for KCMO, which will continue to broadcast as a talk simulcast in this thriving media market on the Kansas City-licensed FM translator K279BI at 103.7.

What happened to 95.7 the vibe?

The Vibe was moved to the 107.3 dial position, where it is now referred to as “107.3 The Vibe – All The Hits,” and Cumulus Media made a number of other changes after that.

After that, they moved KMJK, an urban contemporary station, from frequency 107.3 to the more potent 105.1, renaming it “Power 105.1.”

What happened to 95.7 the vibe
What happened to 95.7 the vibe?

This change follows prior frequency modifications made by Cumulus Media in the Kansas City market.

The change in Cumulus Kansas City’s radio cluster has excited Donna Baker, Regional VP/Market Manager at Cumulus Media.

The speaker declared, “We have the right formats on the right signals reaching the entire Kansas City community with recent moves for Kansas City’s Hip Hop and R&B – now Power 105.1, 107.3 The Vibe All The Hits, and now adding 95.7 FM to the simulcast of 710 AM and 103.7 FM for a tri-cast of KCMO Talk.”

The goal of this strategic alignment of formats across several signals is to improve the listening experience for the diversified audience in Kansas City.

The Growing Influence of KCMO

The simulcast’s incorporation of 95.7 FM provides KCMO’s material with a wider audience. In response to this development, KCMO’s Jim Fox, OM, said, “The 95.7 signal reach allows even more listeners the opportunity to contribute to these discussions every day.”

KCMO can further its goal of promoting meaningful debates on regional and national problems that affect Kansas City people’s daily lives by having a clear and wide reach.

Pete Mundo, a prominent member of KCMO’s cast, highlighted the station’s lengthy past. “KCMO has a rich history,” he said. “If it’s IN KCMO, it’s ON KCMO,” as we like to say.

Shows that get viewers talking about regional and national issues that affect their daily lives have become synonymous with these legacy call letters.

Our rapidly expanding fan base now enjoys crystal-clear audio thanks to the acquisition of 95.7 FM, and I’m thrilled to be able to give even better service to talk radio fans in the Kansas City area.”

The KCMO Legacy That Continues

The changing face of KCMO is a reflection of how dynamic the radio business is. KCMO’s position in the Kansas City market is expected to be strengthened with the installation of a full-signal FM simulcast.

It proves talk radio’s timeless appeal and capacity to captivate listeners with a wide range of interests and points of view.

As it embarks on this new chapter, KCMO Kansas City hopes to uphold its tradition of offering its listeners timely, thought-provoking, and engaging material.

KCMO continues to be an essential component of the Kansas City media scene, with a rich history and an expanding viewership.

The programming and frequency adjustments are part of a calculated attempt to adjust to changing media patterns and guarantee that KCMO is a reliable source of news and conversation for many years to come.

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