Veteran Sports Director Leaves 9News; Fans Skeptical: Is Rod Mackey leaving 9News?

Rod Mackey is a veteran sports director known for his energetic inclusion in Colorado sports for nearly twenty years.

Over his 23-year residency at 9News, Rod Mackey has taken care of endless games, including title marches and Super Dishes. He has a strong reputation among viewers and the wider journalism community due to his expertise and dedication to sports reporting.

Who is Rod Mackey?

Rod Mackey is a remarkably gifted sports reporter and broadcaster who is well known for his enthusiasm, depth of knowledge, and skill in the industry. Rod has cemented his standing as a reputable figure in the industry as the Sports Director at 9NEWS in Denver, Colorado.

Rod has covered a variety of sports over the course of a career spanning more than two decades, including collegiate competition and local sports teams as well as professional leagues like the NFL, NBA, and MLB.

Channel 9 viewers regard him as a reliable source of information because of his commitment to providing accurate and interesting sports news.

Is Rod Mackey leaving 9News?

Yes, Rod Mackey has left 9News, leaving fans and friends in shock. His departure denotes the conclusion of an important time period in Colorado sports inclusion, and he will be profoundly missed by the two fans and partners.

People are curious about the reason for his departure and what the renowned sports journalist will do next as the news of his departure spreads across the internet.

The Departure of Rod Mackey: An Unexpected Declaration

The abrupt departure of Rod Mackey from 9News has left many inquiries unanswered. Fans and associates are interested in where he is going after heading out in different directions from the organization and what his new undertakings will be.

Is Rod Mackey leaving 9News
Is Rod Mackey leaving 9News?

Mackey’s standing as a devoted and learned correspondent has gained him appreciation and profound respect in the Colorado sports scene. His goodbye live, closed by Kim Christiansen on August 3, 2023, left a profound effect on the crowd as he bid farewell to a fruitful 23-year career at the organization.

What’s Next for Rod Mackey?

Rod Mackey has left 9News and is now on a new journey, but no one knows what he will do next. Fans are enthusiastically standing by to catch wind of his arrangements and where his abilities will take him next.

The void left by his takeoff in the Colorado sports scene will without a doubt start conversations among sports devotees. While the news has left many disheartened, it has likewise made a feeling of expectation to see where Mackey’s vocation will lead from now on.

Rod Mackey’s takeoff from 9News essentially affects the Colorado sports community. Fans and coworkers alike are eagerly anticipating information regarding his upcoming endeavors as he says goodbye to a successful career at the network.

Mackey’s commitment and mastery will be recognized as he wanders into the following section of his expert process.

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Rod Mackey – FAQs

Where is Rod Mackey going?

This month, one of the most well-known sportscasters in the state, Rod Mackey, will join the CBS Sports Colorado staff.

How long did Rod Mackey work at 9News?

Rod Mackey worked at 9News for an impressive 23 years, during which he covered numerous sporting events and gained a strong reputation as a dedicated sports reporter.

When did Rod Mackey announce his departure?

Rod Mackey bid farewell to 9News and its viewers on August 3, 2023. The announcement of his departure came as a surprise to many, leaving the sports community in shock.

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