Sebastian Aho Injury Update: Key NHL Players Benched in the Early 2023-24 Season

Not quite two weeks into the 2023–24 NHL season, some key players have already been sidelined by injuries.

In the realm of hockey, injuries are an unwelcome fact that can significantly affect fantasy teams in the league. To get through these difficult times, having a solid bench is essential.

Astute fantasy managers may also think about searching the waiver wire for appropriate substitutes. In this article, We’ll provide updates on a number of noteworthy injuries including the most recent details on Kaiden Guhle, Sebastian Aho, Steven Stamkos, Kirby Dach, and Luke Schenn.

Sebastian Aho Injury Update: Awaiting Clarity

Sebastian Aho of the Carolina Hurricanes was recently sidelined with an upper-body injury that meant he couldn’t play against the San Jose Sharks.

Aho “done something at the conclusion of the last game” against the Anaheim Ducks, according to head coach Rod Brind’Amour, although the exact nature of the injury is still unknown.

The hockey community is waiting for more information about Aho’s injury, including its nature and extent.

Sebastian Aho Injury Update
Sebastian Aho Injury Update

Regarding Sebastian Aho’s projected comeback date, Brind’Amour said the Finnish forward will be reevaluated and the team would move forward appropriately.

Aho is an important member of the Hurricanes, and his absence from the starting lineup is greatly felt.

Steven Stamkos: A Well-Timed Comeback

Steven Stamkos, the captain of the Tampa Bay Lightning, suffered a little setback when he was forced to miss two straight games because of an injury that was not made public.

When Stamkos was forced to sit out the Lightning’s game against the Ottawa Senators and then missed the next one against the Buffalo Sabres, the fans were alarmed.

Fortunately, the Lightning and its supporters are about to receive some encouraging news. Stamkos signaled his impending return to the starting lineup on Thursday by returning to practice.

Given that Stamkos is a very talented and important player, his comeback will surely give the squad a big lift.

Kirby Dach: A Season-Ending Blow

Kirby Dach, a forward for the Montreal Canadiens, suffered a season-ending injury to compound his already regrettable history of health-related setbacks.

Dach was accidentally knocked into the bench during the first period of the Canadiens’ home opener against the Chicago Blackhawks, which resulted in a serious injury.

Later on, it was determined that the injury was a torn medial collateral ligament (MCL) and anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).

Kirby Dach must be disappointed with this development because he put a lot of effort into being ready for the season and was injured in just two games.

A significant member of the Canadiens organization, Martin St. Louis, showed compassion for Dach and emphasized the emotional toll that such injuries can have on a player.

Kaiden Guhle: Day-to-Day

The Montreal Canadiens’ Kaiden Guhle, a potential young player, suffered an upper-body injury during a game against the Minnesota Wild.

The official diagnosis provided by the Canadiens characterizes the ailment as “day-to-day,” suggesting that it is not a very serious one.

The Canadiens are excited about Guhle’s possible return to the lineup because they appreciate his efforts on the ice.

Luke Schenn: Weeks on the Sidelines

One of the Nashville Predators’ key offseason free-agent additions, Luke Schenn, has had his share of difficulties.

Though there was excitement surrounding Schenn’s arrival, his lower-body injury has limited his Predators appearances to only one game.

Schenn’s estimated four- to six-week absence has been confirmed by the team, which will further postpone his return to full strength with the Predators.

While the 2023–24 NHL season is still early, injuries are a regrettable but frequent occurrence in the professional hockey world.

The fantasy sports industry is dynamic, therefore managers need to be on the lookout and flexible.

Having a strong bench and being up to date on player injuries are essential in this fast-paced NHL fantasy league to have a competitive advantage.

The return of injured NHL players like Sebastian Aho, Steven Stamkos, Kirby Dach, Kaiden Guhle, and Luke Schenn is much anticipated by the league.

Not only are these players’ recuperations vital to their teams, but there are innumerable fantasy managers who depend on these players’ performances to win their leagues.

As the 2023–24 NHL season progresses, stay tuned for more updates on these injured players’ status.

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