Mean Girl Podcast Drama: Mean Girl Podcast Hosts Stir Controversy Amid Layoffs

Barstool Sports, known for its unfiltered and often controversial content, found itself in the midst of drama when the hosts of the “Mean Girl” podcast, Jordyn Woodruff and Alex Bennett, stirred controversy with a tweet following a series of layoffs.

While the duo is beloved by their listeners, their recent tweet ignited a firestorm of reactions within the Barstool community.

All these things led to the “Mean Girl” podcast drama and for all those who are curious to know about it, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, you will find out every detail about the “Mean Girl” podcast drama so do not waste another second and get into the article.

The Layoff Backdrop

To fully grasp the significance of the tweet and the ensuing drama, it’s essential to understand the recent history of Barstool Sports.

Mean Girl Podcast Drama
Mean Girl Podcast Drama / Source: Instagram

In early 2020, the company was acquired by Penn Entertainment for a whopping $527 million, primarily as part of their casino and betting businesses.

However, due to a partnership with ESPN, Penn had to divest itself of Barstool, returning the company to its founder, Dave Portnoy.

Dave Portnoy’s history includes bankruptcy protection in 2004, a 2020 tax lien, involvement in a leaked sex tape, controversies involving racial slurs and blackface, NFL-related incidents, and allegations of sexual misconduct.

These issues led to Barstool losing gaming licenses in various states, resulting in significant financial losses.

The company had to lay off a substantial portion of its workforce, with 100 employees let go as of early September 2023.

“Mean Girl” Podcast Drama

On Tuesday, September 5, Jordyn Woodruff and Alex Bennett returned to the Barstool office. In response to the layoffs and likely criticism from some within the Barstool community, they decided to create a video.

In the video, they confidently walked into the office with the caption, “When you show up to work Monday, not fired, even though all the Stoolies wish you were.”

Mean Girl Podcast
Mean Girl Podcast Drama / Source: Instagram

While the intention behind the video might have been lighthearted, it quickly drew backlash from many of the laid-off employees, who found it insensitive and tone-deaf considering the circumstances.

The Fallout

The fallout from the controversial tweet was swift and widespread. Current and former Barstool employees voiced their discontent, but the spotlight fell on sports blogger Chris Klemmer.

He retweeted the original tweet with a scathing comment, saying, “This is such a sh–ty and tone-deaf tweet. Also, it’s Tuesday.”

Jordyn Woodruff, recognizing the tweet’s insensitivity, promptly removed the video and issued an apology. Dave Portnoy, known as “El Presidente” within Barstool, also acknowledged the tweet’s tone-deaf nature during a recording of Barstool Radio.

Dave Portnoy’s Response

However, it was Dave Portnoy’s response to Chris Klemmer’s criticism that escalated the situation. In a tweet, Dave challenged Chris for not writing a single blog over the weekend following the layoffs.

While Dave conceded that the tweet was poor, he questioned the right of someone he viewed as “easily expendable” to call out others for being tone-deaf.

This exchange set the stage for a heated confrontation on Barstool Radio, where Dave confronted Chris and suggested that he was replaceable and expendable within the company. Chris defended his right to speak out, regardless of his position within the organization.

The drama that unfolded within Barstool Sports and the Mean Girl podcast serves as a reminder of the complex dynamics in a media organization known for its outspoken personalities and often polarizing content.

While the authenticity of the drama can be debated, it undoubtedly provided entertainment and sparked discussions among the audience.

As the Barstool community continues to navigate controversies, layoffs, and outspoken personalities, it remains a testament to the unique and occasionally tumultuous culture of the media industry, where drama and debate are never in short supply.

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