Lee Corso health update: Tackling Health Challenges in a Legendary Career

Few names are as well-known in the world of college football broadcasting as Lee Corso. With a career that has included everything from on-field coaching to appearing on ESPN’s “College GameDay,” Corso has made an enduring impression on the game.

His appearances on the show, meanwhile, have been overshadowed by recent health issues that make one wonder about his resiliency and well-being.

By giving an update on his health as he gears up for a new season of college football coverage, we will examine Lee Corso’s life, career, and difficulties in this article.

Who is Lee Corso?

Former college football coach and well-known American sportscaster Lee Corso left a lasting effect on the football game.

Corso has been a featured commentator on ESPN’s College GameDay since the program’s launch in 1987, mixing his skills in coaching and broadcasting.

He oversaw several college football programs throughout his time as a coach. From 1969 to 1972, Corso served as the head football coach at the University of Louisville.  He was the head coach at Indiana University Bloomington.

His football career began at Florida State University, where he displayed his talent on the field during his college years. Corso’s exceptional talent earned him the prestigious title of a two-time All-American player.

This remarkable achievement ultimately led to his well-deserved induction into the College Football Hall of Fame in the year 2003.

What happened to Lee Corso?

For the 2023 college football season, Lee Corso is scheduled to return to ESPN’s College GameDay, but his previous absence from the program because of health difficulties has been noted.

The seasoned analyst and game picker experienced health issues over the years, including a stroke about 12 or 13 years ago that impaired his speech. Corso’s GameDay companion Kirk Herbstreit has observed his perseverance in overcoming these challenges.

Lee Corso health update
Lee Corso health update

When reflecting on Lee Corso’s life journey, Kirk Herbstreit, a fellow in the world of sports broadcasting, spoke about a significant moment in Corso’s life.

Approximately 12 or 13 years ago, Corso experienced a stroke that left him unable to speak. This health setback left many concerned about his well-being and wondering if he would recover.

However, Corso’s determination shone through as he worked diligently with his speech therapist to regain his ability to communicate.

What’s truly remarkable about Corso’s story isn’t just his age but the resilience he displayed in the face of such a challenging situation.

Herbstreit praised Corso for his relentless dedication to improving his speech, highlighting the deep passion he holds for the game of football that continues to drive him forward.

Lee Corso health update

Corso, whose recent health issues have caused him to miss some broadcasts, has been a key member of the GameDay team since its inception in 1987.

The impending return of Lee Corso to “ESPN College GameDay ” is acknowledged by Kirk Herbstreit, a long-time coworker, in a melancholy way.

Corso, 88, is preparing for a new season of the venerable program, but his age and state of health cannot be disregarded.

Corso suffered a stroke in 2009 that left him partially paralyzed, and following medical occurrences have made things worse.

Over the years, these occurrences have caused him to miss multiple episodes, including five last fall. Notably, he is no longer there for the entire three-hour period.

Notable career of Lee Corso

From his early days as a football coach to his current position as a sports commentator and analyst for ESPN, Lee Corso has had a successful and long career.

As an assistant coach at Florida State, Maryland, and Navy in 1958, Corso started his coaching career. Later on, he took on the role of head coach at several colleges, including Louisville, Northern Illinois, and Indiana.

As a college football analyst for ESPN starting in 1987, Corso has grown to be one of the most well-known and adored figures in sports broadcasting.

He is best known for his work on the well-liked ESPN program “College GameDay,” where each week he makes his infamous “headgear picks” by dressing up as the mascot of the team he thinks will win the match.

Corso has won numerous awards for his lively and frequently amusing commentary on college football games, including the Sports Emmy Award for Outstanding Sports Personality in 2010.

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