Joey Jones Fox News wife: a story of love and resilience

Learn about Joey Jones and his wife Meg’s incredible journey as they negotiate life in the military community, mixing families, and enthusiastically contributing to a national non-profit organization dedicated to veterans.

Dive into Joey Jones’ incredible story of resilience and change, and learn about the critical role he played as a motivational speaker.

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Who is Joey Jones?

Joey Jones, also known as Johnny Joey Jones is a well-known military commentator and broadcaster who has appeared on several FOX News media platforms, including FOX News Channel and FOX Business Network.

He acts as a fill-in host on several popular shows due to his great knowledge and experience in military topics.

Joey, in addition to his roles as an analyst and host, also presents “FOX Nation Outdoors,” a show that airs on FOX Nation, the network’s digital streaming service.

Joey’s extraordinary career began as a Marine Corps veteran with the rank of staff sergeant. 

Tragically, while fighting in Afghanistan, he sustained a life-changing accident that resulted in the loss of both of his legs above the knee. His tenacity and persistence, on the other hand, have been inspiring.

Following his recovery, he dedicated himself to improving the lives of veterans and their families, making him a renowned media personality as well as a symbol of heroism and commitment in the veteran community.

Who is Joey Jones wife?

Meg Garrison is Johnny Joey Jones’ wife. She was born in Dalton, Georgia, and grew up in a military household, since her father was a lieutenant and helicopter pilot in the Vietnam Army.

Meg went to South East High School as a youth and then attended Dalton State College, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in early childhood teaching in 2010.

Joey Jones Fox News wife
Joey Jones

She is now the program director for Boot Campaign, a national military-focused non-profit located in Dallas, Texas, USA.

The Boot Campaign, which was sent off in 2009, is committed to respecting and working on the existence of veterans.

Their motivation is to better the existence of military veterans and their families by offering an assortment of life-improvement programs. Joey Jones’ second spouse is Meg Garrison Jones.

Their romantic tale started all through their secondary school years, yet they headed out in different directions long after graduation.

Be that as it may, destiny united them back when Joey, a veteran harmed in 2010, connected with Meg for consolation and backing all through his recovery.

Their bond became more grounded, and in two years, they went from companions to sweethearts. Their tactical wedding on December 30, 2012, at the Marine Corps Sleeping quarters in Washington, D.C., was an energetic festival of their continuous love and collaboration.

Joey Jones & Meg: Couple in Service

Joey Jones and his wife, Meg Garrison Jones, have four children in their mixed household. Joey and Meg both had children from previous marriages before they married. In addition to their stepchildren, the couple has two biological children of their own.

This happily blended family has four children, who have created a close-knit and supportive atmosphere for their unique family.

Joey Jones and Meg Garrison Jones are enthusiastic participants in the mission of the Boot Campaign, a national nonprofit organization focusing on military service.

While they are neither the organization’s founders nor owners, they both make major contributions to its cause.

Meg Garrison Jones is the program director, and she is responsible for planning and delivering programs that aim to honor and enhance the lives of military veterans and their families.

Joey Jones, on the other hand, acts as Chief Operations Officer, demonstrating his dedication to the organization’s operational efficiency and profitability.

Joey joined the Boot Campaign as a speaker and public relations representative, leveraging his platform and skills to further the organization’s aims, and he was eventually moved to a leadership position.

As a husband-and-wife combination, they actively contribute to the organization’s purpose of improving the lives of veterans and their families.

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