Jennifer Lawrence Plastic Surgery: The truth behind her surgery rumors

Following the appearance of photos of Jennifer Lawrence at a recent event online, some internet users believe she underwent surgery. Rumors of cosmetic surgery have been sparked by pictures of Jennifer Lawrence at Paris Fashion Week.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence attended the Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2024 womenswear presentation on Tuesday in Paris. Some people have responded in response to claims that she chose Botox or plastic surgery.

Jennifer chose a white top and black pants for the occasion. She added a belt and a pair of gold hoop earrings to her attire.

Her past encounters with similar rumors

Lawrence has already spoken out against weight shaming, referencing a producer’s demand that he shed “15 pounds in two weeks.”

The Oscar winner described a body-shaming audition incident early in her career in a 2017 interview with People magazine. She was ordered to strip off, and producers later criticized her appearance.

She told the magazine, “At this time, a female producer made me perform in a naked line-up with roughly five significantly lean ladies. We were standing beside each other with only tape covering our privates.”

The female producer advised me to use the naked images of myself as inspiration for my diet “after that degrading and humiliating line-up.”

The Hunger Games star has faced suspicions of cosmetic surgery before, and the most recent rumor is not the first. In 2022, Lawrence’s early and present looks were contrasted in photographs posted on the Instagram account.

According to several users, Lawrence may have undergone upper blepharoplasty, which involves the removal of extra skin from the upper eyelid.

Others, on the other hand, supported the celebrity, pointing out that any changes in look were simply a result of age.

Jennifer Lawrence plastic surgery

Jennifer Lawrence is rumored to have undergone plastic surgery after her appearance at Tuesday’s Christian Dior catwalk show during Paris Fashion Week.

Jennifer Lawrence Plastic Surgery
Jennifer Lawrence Plastic Surgery

However, these rumors aren’t confirmed yet. Some fans say that her changed features may be an illusion due to her makeup, while others believe she went under the knife or got Botox shots under her skin.

The backlash she faced amid these rumors

Someone responded to a photo of Jennifer taken at the event on Twitter by writing, “We must begin detaining these plastic surgeons. “Something seems strange,” someone tweeted.

“Neither am I excessively enthusiastic about it.” Another person urged Jennifer, “Please do not ruin yourself with Botox.”

Fans defended her

Others said that she didn’t have surgery and that it was just cosmetics or that her face was enlarged. Her face just looks huge,” a supporter remarked.

This doesn’t seem like a surgical or injectable technique to me. Who stated she had plastic surgery? Read one comment. She recently gave birth, wasn’t it? She might simply be showing these images with baby weight on her face.

“Got bitten by a wasp along with seasonal allergies,” a member on X said. “Is this AI?” a person inquired. Someone stated, “her makeup artist and hair stylist need to be fired.”

Other celebrities at the show

Along with Jennifer, other guests were Charlize Theron, Robert Pattinson, Jenna Ortega, Joseph Quinn, and Rosalia. Charlize chose a white top and a glittering gold skirt for the event. Jenna was spotted wearing a long, pleated skirt and a navy blue blazer.

Alexa donned a sheer jacket and skirt with a floral black bralet. Jisoo, a member of BLACKPINK, donned a black mini dress. Anya was spotted wearing heels, a vinyl jacket, and black shorts.

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