Is Wayne Newton Still Alive? Learn The Whereabouts Of The Musical Genius

Las Vegas, the World’s Entertainment Capital, has seen its fair share of renowned entertainers grace its stages.

The names Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, and Don Rickles conjure up images of the city’s glory days when the Strip was drenched in glitz and star-studded shows.

Most of these stars are now only blurry YouTube memories, but one Las Vegas icon continues to enchant audiences with his live performances: Wayne Newton.

Wayne Newton, 81, often known as Mr. Las Vegas, has announced that he will extend his continuous residence at the Flamingo Hotel through the summer of 2024.

This article will take you on a tour through Wayne Newton’s incredible career, beginning with his humble beginnings as a 15-year-old.

Thanks to his enduring status as the only remaining artist whose career began during the Las Vegas Strip’s golden heyday.

Join us as we investigate his legacy, forthcoming concerts, and his unshakable dedication to preserving the soul of Las Vegas nightlife.

Is Wayne Newton still alive?

Yes, Wayne Newton is still alive. Mr. Las Vegas, Wayne Newton, the legendary entertainer, continues to shine on the renowned Strip. He just announced an extension of his continuous residency at the Flamingo Hotel through the summer of 2024, at the age of 81.

Despite the demise of superstars such as Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr., Wayne Newton remains the only singer whose career flourished throughout the peak of the Las Vegas Strip.

Is Wayne Newton Still Alive
Is Wayne Newton Still Alive?

With 62 scheduled dates, fans will be able to see this living legend in action from January 13 to June 12, 2024. Tickets begin at $82 and are available at

A Life Devoted to Las Vegas

Wayne Newton’s relationship with Las Vegas dates back to 1959 when a talent scout offered the 15-year-old Phoenix high school student an audition.

He began performing alongside his older brother, Jerry, but it was his solo career that took off, thanks to his hit song “Danke Schoen” in 1963.

Since then, Wayne Newton, affectionately known as Mr. Las Vegas, has performed in over 50,000 concerts, delighting over 40 million people.

A Vegas Icon’s Memories

When asked to name his favourite memory from his illustrious career, Wayne Newton recalls warmly a concert that commemorated the opening of T-Mobile Arena in 2016.

In a programme honouring superstars such as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr., Newton moved the audience to tears with his rendition of “My Way.”

The entire audience lit up the arena with their phone lights while he performed, creating a poignant and unique experience.

A Multi-Skilled Entertainer

Wayne Newton’s current act displays his flexibility as an entertainer. He demonstrates his musical prowess by playing 13 instruments, including the fiddle.

Newton, in addition to his musical abilities, takes stops throughout the programme to share stories from his six-decade-plus career and to pay tribute to his departed colleagues and fellow entertainers.

His performance is enhanced by the inclusion of renowned individuals such as Elvis Presley, the Rat Pack, and Ed Sullivan.

Wayne isn’t interested in Karaoke.

Despite his musical abilities, Wayne Newton joked that he avoids karaoke bars. Why? He has excellent pitch, which is both a blessing and a problem.

Listening to off-key singing is excruciating for someone with excellent pitch. So, while he enjoys music, he chooses not to suffer through the anguish of out-of-tune karaoke performances.

A Bucket List Adventure

Wayne Newton’s act is more than simply entertainment; it’s a “bucket list” event for anyone wishing to recreate the magic of old Las Vegas.

The show has drawn a younger crowd, including many young guys eager to see the show.

Newton’s performances continue to attract audiences, serving as a link between nostalgia for the past and the thrill of the present.

So, to answer the question, Wayne Newton is very much alive, and he’s still wowing audiences on the Las Vegas Strip with his timeless performances.

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