Is Timothy B Schmit Still Alive? An Up-Close Look at the Life of the Musician

Renowned musician and composer Timothy B. Schmit is most recognized for his work as lead vocalist and bassist for groups like Poco and Eagles.

He has been well-known over the years for his musical abilities and contributions to the hard rock, soft rock, country rock, and rock genres. But as time goes on, the question comes up: Is Timothy B. Schmit still alive? We go into Timothy B. Schmit’s life in this article, looking at his family, work, status, and see whether he is alive or not.

Timothy B. Schmit: Who Is He?

Born Timothy Bruce Schmit, Timothy B. Schmit began performing professionally in 1960. He has gained notoriety for his talent by making substantial contributions to the hard, soft, country, and rock genres.

Schmit’s membership with the legendary band the Eagles is arguably what has made him most famous. His extensive repertoire features numerous popular tracks from albums including “Playin It Cool,” “Timothy B,” and “Expando,” among many others.

Is Timothy B Schmit Still Alive?

Yes, Timothy B. Schmit is still very much alive. This American musician was born in 1947 and is still going strong. Timothy B. Schmit is still wealthy and leads a healthy life, despite rumors that once claimed his untimely demise.

Is Timothy B Schmit Still Alive
Timothy B Schmit

Many people have been moved by his music, which includes hits like “Don’t Give Up,” “Boys Night Out,” and “So Much in Love.”

The Wife of Timothy B. Schmit

Jean Cromie and Timothy B. Schmit had a happy marriage. His wife, Jean Cromie, is a well-known actress who has been in films like “This Is Spinal Tap” and “Scenes from the Goldmine.”

The couple was married in 1984 and has two wonderful kids. Their continued relationship is evidence of his personal stability and contentment.

An Overview of His Net Worth

Timothy B. Schmit is just one of several celebrities whose financial situation piques people’s interest. The main source of his income is his lucrative job as a songwriter and vocalist.

His estimated net worth, based on the most recent data available, is approximately 30 million dollars, which is a reflection of the considerable success he has had during his career.

Age of Timothy B. Schmit

According to the most recent statistics, Timothy Bruce Schmit is 74 years old. He was born on October 30, 1947.

Apart from his musical career, Schmit has had personal obstacles, such as a fight against cancer of the throat and neck, which he triumphantly conquered in 2012. He has shown incredible fortitude and tenacity in both his personal and professional lives.

A Look at His Physical Health

Timothy B. Schmit, a well-known person in the music business, has taken good care of his physical well-being. He is about eighty-eight inches (175 cm) tall and eighty-two pounds (82 kilograms).

His excellent physical health is a result of his dedication to leading a healthy lifestyle. Timothy B. Schmit is a happy and healthy man who lives in America at the moment.

In summary

In conclusion, renowned musician and composer Timothy B. Schmit is still very much alive and making musical contributions that enhance the world.

Having amassed an outstanding net worth, a happy family life, and a career spanning decades, he continues to be a renowned and prominent figure in the music industry. Many find encouragement in his talent and tenacity as he marks his 74th birthday.

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