Is Seunghan leaving riize? Unraveling the secret

Meet Seunghan, the dazzling light inside the charging heavenly body of Riize—a rising star whose presence enlightens the K-pop domain with unrivaled moxy and ability.

Leveling up his abilities and energy under the renowned SM Diversion, Seunghan rose up out of the regarded SM Freshmen setup, spellbinding crowds with an attractive stage presence and a combination of excellent vocal ability and entrancing dance artfulness.

Seunghan’s fans were wondering about his difficulties when he recently faced some backlash, but Seunghan, on the other hand, worked very efficiently in his journey.

Seunghan, who is he?

Seunghan is a South Korean entertainer who is supported by SM Diversion. He is associated with the high school pop band Riize.

Seunghan, Eunseok, and Shohei were revealed as the most current individuals from SM Entertainment’s student crew, Smrookies, on July 2, 2022. SM revealed that Seunghan will make his stage debut in their upcoming boy group.

Seunghan was officially presented as an individual from Riize on August 1, 2023. On September 4, 2023, they made their presentation with the single collection “Get A Guitar.”

Seunghan made a presentation, exhibiting his astounding vocal and moving skills. He has spent the last 2.5 years as a learner. He says his number one computer game is FIFA on the web.

He appreciates reading, which is one of his top interests. As Seunghan was leaving an affirmation test for a secondary school, SM Entertainment cast him.

Is Seunghan leaving riize?

Seunghan is taking some time off from the band in the midst of discussions encompassing his own life.

The choice was reported by SM Entertainment, which communicated Seunghan’s genuine lament for causing frustration and unrest among the gathering individuals and fans.

Leaked images and videos from Seunghan’s pre-debut days have been linked to the controversies; SM Entertainment has stressed that these were purposefully altered to cause confusion.

Is Seunghan leaving riize

Besides, there was a reaction after a photograph of Seunghan kissing a young lady was spilled in August 2023. Thus, both the office and Seunghan needed to apologize.

The decision for Seunghan to go on hiatus was made to avoid further harm to the group, and Riize will now be temporarily promoted to a six-member unit.

The controversies surrounding Seunghan have triggered discussions about the possibility of him leaving Riize, with reports suggesting industry insiders are considering his termination from the group. 

Responses from fans have been separated; some have adulated Seunghan, while others have requested that he leave.

With an accentuation on the persistent spread of misleading data and plans to seek out legitimate activity against those responsible for the breaks, SM has conveyed plans to address intimidation, slander, and cybercrime.

The circumstance has drawn attention to the difficulties K-pop idols have in controlling their public personas and the effects of internet controversies on their professional lives.

The organization underlined that these materials were purposefully altered to cause confusion.

According to allkpop, the anonymous user allegedly threatened to reveal more fourth-generation leaders in a now-deleted post if SM Entertainment did not comply with their demands.

After the removed post went viral, fans voiced their worries about the possible harm this action could cause. Additionally, some fans started to speculate that Haerin of NewJeans and Taesan of Boynextdoor might be the next victims.

What is Riize about?

Riize pronounced “Rise”, is a South Korean boy band formed by SM Entertainment. Shotaro, Eunseok, Sungchan, Wonbin, Seunghan, Sohee, and Anton make up the group’s seven members.

The group’s name was combined by two terms, rise, which tells about growth, and realize, which tells about a team that grows together and realizes.

Participants Shotaro and Sungchan made their debuts in SM’s boy group NCT in October 2020, after the group’s lineup was revealed. SM Entertainment unveiled Shohei, Eunseok, and Seunghan as members of their SM Rookies roster on July 1, 2022.

It was revealed in November 2022 that they would be the main stars of Shotaro and Sungchan’s reality series Welcome to the NCT Universe.

The first mention of SM’s new boy group came on February 3, 2023, when SM released a video detailing the company’s future plans with SM 3.0.

They expressed in the video that SM Entertainment COO Tak Young-jun would lead the venture, and the gathering would make its presentation in the final quarter of 2023.

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