Is Roman Kemp Leaving Capitals Radio?

The inimitable Roman Kemp, who has been the host of Capital FM’s breakfast show for over eight years, is signing off the airwaves as he says goodbye to loyal listeners after eight years of entertaining them with his unparalleled liveliness and charisma.

While he was very much loved by the listeners and his popularity was immense, Kemp’s departure was due to an issue of health, one that he promised himself to put his well-being over his radio show.

Who is Roman Kemp?

Roman Kemp an influential British media figure whose persona is notorious for entertaining radio presentations. Kemp has been Capital FM’s familiar voice since 2014, which is one of the nation’s widely listened to radio networks.

The period during which he was the presenter for various shows at Capital will be one of his biggest accomplishments, though he is sure to be remembered for the work done alongside Chris Stark and Siân Welby (his co-hosts) in the breakfast show.

The combo of Kemp’s undeniable energy and unmatchable charisma has catalyzed the show’s ratings, and he has a growing number of true fans.

Besides the radio, Roman Kemp also made an important impression on TV. His BBC One’s The One Show’s shows demonstrated the presenter’s flexibility which resulted in a greater aspect of his audience appeal.

Roman Kemp
Kemp leaves Capital, health concerns.

Is Roman Kemp Leaving Capitals Radio?

Yes, Roman Kemp announced his departure from Capital FM’s breakfast show after battling a life-threatening illness.

After over eight years with the program, he expressed gratitude for the experience but noted the toll of early mornings. His decision follows health concerns disclosed in October 2022.

The pop-capital breakfast FM announced this morning that the breakfast show host will be leaving after over eight years of being in the program.

“It has been the funniest, the saddest, and the most outright wild time of my life being a member of Capital and the Global family.

When you are ready to do a project like this, you never think that one day it will be time for you to say your goodbyes. Those moments do come, he declared.

Kemp leaves Capital, health concerns.

The 30-year-old acknowledged the choice was not made lightly, and he would be finding his eventual departure, them being “hard”.

He went on to reveal that after almost a decade of super early alarms, he’s “looking forward to some lie-ins.” He added: Those are the words of our beloved late radio aficionado, Butcher Maingi.

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