Is Nigel Harman Leaving Casualty?

Shockingly, in the widely renowned medical series “Casualty”, actor Nigel Harman departs his character Max leaving the on-lookers on the edges of the seats.

We’ll explore the intense period of the departure of Max, an interactive dimension that influences the sequence of events and draws viewers, too.

Who is Nigel Harman?

Nigel Derek Harman is the name of the famous English actor. He had his career launched as his kid acting career.

He has featured in the theatrical, TV- Dramas, and film industries. Including Sky Masterson in Michael Grandage’s revival of Guys and Dolls and as Lord Farquaad in the original London production of Shrek the Musical, winning him an Olivier Award.

Grandage had a Yorkshire background and grew up in a business environment in Penzance, where his parents were based.

First of all, he received his education at the Humphry Davy Grammar School and then had his acting training at the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama between 1981 and 1984.

Nigel Harman
Nigel Harman Bids Farewell to Casualty.

For twelve years he was a stage actor for companies like Royal Exchange and Royal Shakespeare Company and was also a member of the National Youth Theatre. Witness this transformation from acting to directing.

Is Nigel Harman Leaving Casualty?

Yes, “Nigel Harman“, actor who played the role of “Max” shared the information about his exit during his talk on “Strictly” at some point last year.

Back then, it was thought that a suffering Max would stop breathing when he urgently needed a kidney transplant as his life was at stake.

Yet, his Jodie took a step towards him bravely and handed one of hers to him. The surgery took place and last night (Friday 7, March) Max was observed to be by the hospital.

But with Dylan keen to have Max back at work as soon as he was well enough, Max dropped a bombshell: looking at the black lump that once was him, I knew he wouldn’t be coming back.

Nigel Harman
Nigel Harman

He had responded to the call for Medics of the World and was promptly told he could work in South Sudan.

And Jodie had to fight her tears since she told her dad that she would give him her kidney! Max told Emma that it was the reason why he didn’t want to have that operation for a start, for he knew he was not going to stay there.

Jodie suggested he decide between taking the job or taking the steps to build their love life. However, it was his act of not taking my feelings into account after he had finished his business with her that cut me deeper.

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