Is Monty Don leaving Gardeners World? Two Decades of Legacy will be Worth Remembering

Monty Don has been hosting Gardeners’ World since 2003 and it has been a tremendous journey. He is one of the most prominent figures in the show and plays a crucial role in it. After two decades of The Gardeners’ World, Monty Don is speculated to be leaving the show.

Who is Monty Don?

Monty Don, a well-known horticultural writer, served as the Observer’s gardening editor from 1994 to 2006. He currently writes a regular piece for Gardeners’ World Magazine and the Daily Mail.

Among Monty’s many books are Fork to Fork, etc. Born in 1955, Monty grew up in Hampshire, where he first helped out in the garden with his family at an early age. He attended a number of different schools before attending Cambridge’s Magdalene College.

Monty and his spouse Sarah established and operated a fashion jewelry company that saw success starting in the early 1980s. In 1990, as Monty’s career in television and writing was beginning to take off, the business closed.

Is Monty Don leaving Gardeners world?

Yes, Monty Don is planning to leave Gardeners’ World within five years. The host of “Monty Don’s American Gardens,” who wants to spend his remaining time on Earth engaging in his other passions, is considering bidding adieu to the venerable BBC Two gardening television series in 2025.

The 68-year-old broadcaster expressed his desire to leave the “remorseless treadmill” and devote more of his time to writing and traveling with Fi Glover, 54, and Jane Garvey, 59, on the weekly Times Radio podcast, “Off Air With Fi and Jane.”

Viewers were taken aback when Tony Don, who has been hosting Gardeners’ World since 2003, revealed his intention to step down from the venerable program.

Is Monty Don leaving Gardeners World
Monty Don

In an interview with The Guardian, the now 68-year-old gardener revealed the distressing news and said he wished to make more documentaries and save time and energy. It was disclosed that he intends to depart “within the next five years.”

What was the reaction of his fans to his leaving?

The legendary BBC gardener Monty Don has announced that his show Gardeners’ World has been canceled as part of a major schedule reorganization, which has come as a terrible blow to his followers.

Speaking to his devoted Twitter audience, Monty delivered the unfortunate news that this week’s installment of the factual gardening program will not be available to viewers.

Using social media, Monty gave an explanation, saying, “This week there won’t be Gardeners’ World since the Proms are taking up that time.

Who will take over from Monty Don?

Even though Monty is the show’s star and Adam Frost is well-liked by Gardeners’ World fans, Monty has other ideas about who should host the show.

It’s unrealistic to think the next host would have such a large garden as his, which is often the main focus of the TV show, Monty told The Guardian.

I would like to think the next Gardeners’ World presenter ideally would be female and would represent either singly, or in multiplicity, the diversity in this country that has at least some urban context.

All of that, in my opinion, makes it such that there is no longer simply one garden; if there is, it must be a large one. because it definitely has to be in the country, because the more rural you go, the less diverse it is,” Monty went on, reflecting on the program’s future.

I think I’m pretty much the only white male middle-aged man with a big garden participating in Gardeners’ World, which is alright.

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