Is Mamzobe leaving Umkhokha? Unraveling the mystery

Deli Malinga has been acting for more than three decades, and at the 17th Annual South African Film and Television Awards, she finally won her first trophy.

For her performance as MaNgema in Redemption, the seasoned actress won the Best Supporting Actress in a Telenovela award.

Who plays Mamzobe in Umkhokha?

Delisile Malinga plays Mamzobe in Umkhokha. She is addressed professionally as Deli Malinga, a veteran and noble South African actress and television personality.

She was born on October 13, 1965. She is well respected for always leaving a huge impression in any film in which she makes her debut. Deli Malinga is not a new face in the South African entertainment industry.

She has been acting for over 32 years, and her influence in the business is immeasurable. She is also well known for portraying Sarah in the Generations soap opera.

She hails from Umlazi, KwaZulu Natal. It is yet to confirm details about her parents and siblings. She grew up in her hometown, where she received her basic education.

Deli Malinga also completed her secondary education at Phambili High School in Durban and Ekwazini High School in her native Umlazi. However, specifics regarding her college education have not yet been verified.

About 32 years ago, Deli Malinga began to explore her potential in the entertainment industry. The seasoned actress also starred in the police procedural Jozi Streets.

Later, she made another debut in a comedy film titled Mponeng. Deli Malinga also appeared in the dramas Gaz’lam, Mfolozi Street, and Home Affairs, where she displayed her potential. She also starred in a Mzansi Magic drama film titled Saints and Sinners.

Is Mamzobe leaving Umkhokha?

It is unclear whether Mamzobe will actually leave or not. People are curious to learn whether the rumor is true or not. Fans of the show are crossing their fingers and hoping that Mamzobe stays because they really enjoy seeing her on TV, whatever happens.

Is Mamzobe leaving Umkhokha
Is Mamzobe leaving Umkhokha?

Mamzobe, a well-known character from the television series “Umkhokha: The Curse,” is rumored to be leaving the program, according to the news. Many fans are upset by these rumors because they adore Mamzobe’s role.

Some even claim that they might stop watching the show if she leaves because they believe she is a significant contributor to its quality. Mamzobe leaving “Umkhokha: The Curse” is rumored to be leaving, which worries fans.

The character’s portrayal and relationship with Deli Malinga give the drama depth. Deli Malinga’s portrayal of Mamzobe has made her a fan favorite and helped the show succeed.

Every episode is eagerly anticipated by viewers, who cannot wait to see what fresh surprises and twists Mamzobe will add to the narrative. Therefore, Deli Malinga is known to many fans as the accomplished actress who played the adored role of Mamzobe in “Umkhokha: The Curse.”

Despite being criticized online in the past for her evil persona, Deli continues to astound viewers with her performances. Deli has repeatedly asked to be separated from her persona.

What is the Umkhokha series about?

Umkhokha is a South African television drama series that centers on the murder of the megachurch leader and the subsequent struggle to succeed him.

The Ithempeli Lenkosi church, the largest in all of KwaZulu-Natal, serves as the focal point of the television program. Many people cannot help but see the church as a business because of its size.

In actuality, the news of the signing of a new, lucrative contract with a beverage company serves as the catalyst for the sequence of events at the start of the series.

Everyone in the church drinks the water that the church leader prays for; the company bottles it and then sells it for a very respectable profit. Following that, the church gets a cut of the business’s earnings.

The murder of the church’s leader, Kwazi Mthembu, in the first episode’s opening scene sparks a struggle for his throne. Deli Malinga, playing Mamzobe; Sthandiwe Kgoroge, playing MaNzimande; Nay Maps, playing Siphamandla; and others.

Based on an original concept by Mandla KaNozulu, Umkhokha is an M-Net original production made for Mzansi Magic. The series producer is Nkonzo Mdluli, the director is Menga Nhlabathi, and the executive producers are Mandla KaNozulu and Nathi Ngwane.

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