Is Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun dating?

Celebrity-related rumors and conjectures frequently create headlines, grabbing the interest of both fans and the media. In 2020’s K-drama “The King: Eternal Monarch,” Lee Min Ho and Kim Go-Eun, noted for their on-screen romance, has been the subject of several rumors.

The two stars have been linked in several rumors over the past several years, raising fans’ expectations for their favorite on-screen coupling.

The story has also been muddied by Lee Min Ho’s associations with other well-known actresses, including Song Hye Kyo.

We explore Lee Min Ho and Kim Go-Eun’s relationship status in this article, focusing on their chemistry on and off-screen, dating rumors, and the most recent information. So read this article to know exactly what happened.

Speculations about Lee Min Ho and Song Hye Kyo’s Relationship

The compelling portrayals of Lee Min Ho and Kim Go-Eun in “The King: Eternal Monarch” made a lasting impression on their admirers.

Their on-screen connection was so captivating that it inspired fans to aspire for a real-life relationship.

Fans rooted for their relationship both on and off the screen due to the charismatic nature of their performances and the realistic depiction of their characters.

Lee Min Ho and Song Hye Kyo’s alleged romance attracted a lot of attention because they are two of Asia’s most well-known entertainment figures.

The rumors began when it was said that they were collaborating on one of the most anticipated brand events of the year.

They were regularly photographed together while planning for this event, which sparked rumors that they were more than simply coworkers.

They appeared to be getting along extremely well, according to several people, which stoked the rumors of a love connection.

When the couple was sighted together at an airport, the rumors increased and picked up steam.

As they interacted, fans and the media keenly watched for any indications or formal confirmations of the nature of their connection.

Is Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun dating?

No, Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun are not dating. Despite what speculative reports and rumors claim, Lee Min Ho and Kim Go-Eun are not engaged.

Is Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun dating
Is Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun dating?

There have been several rumors and rumors that the on-screen pair have been dating for three years, and in the midst of all of this, Min Ho has also been linked to Song Hye Kyo.

Even after years have passed, the fans have continued to ship Min Ho and Go-Eun from the 2020 K-drama The King: Eternal Monarch.

However, the Goblin actress’ unique rings made people talk about them more. While there were speculations that they were considering getting married a few days ago, things have changed recently.

All of Lee Min Ho and Kim Go-Eun’s fans adored their on- and off-screen connection, and after romance rumors about the two started to circulate in 2022, they didn’t go away.

Lee Min Ho, however, was also associated with The Glory actress Song Hye Kyo in the midst of all of this.

One of the most desirable bachelors in South Korea is currently back with the Goblin actress. Both Kim Go-Eun and Lee Min Ho are extremely private individuals.

They have been dating for three years since their K-drama ended, according to screenshots of their photos and videos of adorable BTS moments that have gone viral on social media.

However, neither of their agencies acknowledged nor refuted the claims, which only served to spread those rumors further. But what heightened them even more were Kim Go-Eun’s rings, which appeared to be both an engagement and a wedding band.

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