Is Lee Corso still on College GameDay? Navigating Lee Corso’s Future on ESPN’s College GameDay

Lee Corso, the iconic college football analyst on ESPN’s College GameDay, has been a beloved presence on the show for decades.

However, as he approaches 88 years of age and continues to recover from a stroke he suffered nearly a decade ago, there have been questions about how much longer he will continue his role on the popular program.

They have also been wondering if Lee Corso is still on College GameDay. Recent statements from Kirk Herbstreit shed some light on Corso’s future with the show.

Let’s delve into the article to get the answers to our questions and know about Kirk Herbstreit’s information.

Corso’s Stroke and Determination

Lee Corso’s journey has not been without its obstacles. Nearly a decade ago, he suffered a stroke, a significant health setback that would have been challenging for anyone.

Herbstreit highlighted the determination and resilience Corso has shown throughout his recovery.

We all wondered, ‘Is he going to be okay?’ Herbstreit told Pat McAfee.

“If you ever know of anybody who’s had a stroke, that’s sometimes very hard to overcome, and he still is working on that to this day. So it’s not just that he’s 88. It’s that he had a stroke.”

A Smaller Role for Corso

To accommodate Corso’s health and age, the decision has been made for him to have a smaller role on College GameDay in the upcoming college football season.

This adjustment reflects the recognition that Corso, while still passionate about his work, may need to take it a bit easier.

Is Lee Corso Still on College GameDay?

Yes, Lee Corso is still on College GameDay. Kirk Herbstreit, another prominent figure on College GameDay, made an announcement that suggests Lee Corso will indeed continue to be a part of the show, albeit in a reduced capacity.

Is Lee Corso still on College GameDay? Navigating Lee Corso's Future on ESPN's College GameDay
Is Lee Corso still on College GameDay?

Herbstreit shared this news recently, emphasizing the challenges Corso has faced, both due to his age and his stroke.

Herbstreit’s Respect and Admiration

Kirk Herbstreit expressed his deep respect and admiration for Corso’s dedication to the sport and the show. Herbstreit recognizes the challenges Corso faces and commends him for his determination.

“He’s worked very hard to get his word out, and God bless him for having that wherewithal and that passion to love this game so much to keep trying to go,” Herbstreit stated.

A Show Without Lee?

Herbstreit also shared his thoughts on what College GameDay would be like without Lee Corso. He described Corso as an integral part of the show’s identity and expressed his difficulty imagining the program without him.

What would we do without Lee? has often crossed my mind. Herbstreit continued. Like, how is our show going to be a show without Lee?”

Corso’s Love for the Game

One thing that is abundantly clear is that Lee Corso has a deep and abiding love for college football and his role on College GameDay. His passion for the sport and the show is a driving force behind his determination to continue contributing to them.

The Future of College GameDay

As the 2023 college football season approaches, College GameDay is gearing up for another exciting year of coverage.

While Lee Corso’s role may be smaller due to health considerations, his continued presence on the show is a testament to his dedication and love for college football.

In the end, Corso will keep going on the show for as long as he can, and fans and colleagues like Kirk Herbstreit can’t imagine College GameDay without him.

His journey is a reminder of the enduring passion and commitment that define the world of college football broadcasting.

As the new college football season kicks off with ‘Week Zero,’ fans can look forward to seeing Corso, even if in a slightly different capacity, as he continues to be a cherished figure on ESPN’s College GameDay.

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