Is Kenan Thompson Still On SNL? Kenan Thompson’s Saturday Night Live Legacy and His Future

Saturday Night Live has seen many cast members come and go, but one name that has remained consistent since 2003 is Kenan Thompson.

Now that the rumour mill is buzzing about his possible exit, it’s time to look back at his incredible run on the classic sketch programme and his future job chances.

Is Kenan Thompson still on SNL?

Yes, Kenan is still on the SNL. Kenan Thompson, the longest-serving cast member of Saturday Night Live, joins us live from New York.

He’s become a household figure and a fixture in the world of comedy during a two-decade career on the late-night sketch series.

Kenan Thompson’s career on Saturday Night Live began in 2003, and his influence has been significant.

Thompson has left an unmistakable stamp on the show’s history, from his famous character performances to his exquisite comedic timing.

Despite the cast’s recent roster changes, which included the departures of numerous major members, Thompson’s desire to remain remains firm.

Is Kenan Thompson Still On SNL
Is Kenan Thompson Still On SNL?

Thompson’s selection isn’t entirely impacted by the cast’s ebb and flow. He remains dedicated to providing the SNL audience with new and amusing stuff. “I can tell when I’m bringing something to the table on Wednesday and the people in the room sound like they’ve heard this before, as far as their laughter is concerned, it’s a major difference,” he explained. “I’m always trying to strike that chord.

I do this at times and not at others. I guess when it becomes more frequent than not that I’m not doing well, it’ll probably be time to do something else.”

Kenan’s Interest in Comedy and His Diverse Career

Kenan Thompson’s road to the world of comedy was not predetermined. In high school, he joined a theatre company, where he learned the intricacies of drama.

Surprisingly, he began his career as a keyboardist for the organisation, rather than as an actor.

“I think I was always kind of attracted to the arts in some sort of fashion,” Thompson said of his varied career.

In high school, I started with a theatre group that taught me the most about things like acting and stuff like that.” He continued to muse.

When asked about the different roads his life could have taken, he said, “Perhaps I would’ve taken sports a little more seriously.”

But fate had different intentions. Thompson’s distinct talent and humorous instincts catapulted him into the entertainment industry.

His versatility has been highlighted in popular shows such as “All That,” “Kenan & Kel,” “Good Burger,” “The Mighty Ducks,” and, most recently, “Kenan.”

He even hosted the 2022 People’s Choice Awards, demonstrating his capacity to adapt and perform in a variety of roles.

Thompson’s influence extends beyond the tiny screen. His work as a producer and actor has spread to the web with the Old Navy web series “Lil Interns.”

In this series, he delves into the business world, working with young interns who haven’t yet graduated from elementary school. It demonstrates his lasting popularity and ability to connect with audiences of all ages.

Kenan Thompson’s Future on SNL

As Kenan Thompson considers his future, one thing is certain: he is an essential part of the Saturday Night Live heritage.

While he is open to new chances and experiences, he has not set a timetable for leaving the programme. “I don’t feel pressure to stay, and I don’t feel pressure to leave,” Thompson said. If Lorne says he wants me to come, I should go.”

His decision will surely be impacted by the changing dynamics of SNL as well as the creative collaborations that have driven the show’s success.

Thompson’s relationship with the audience and ability to elicit laughs are as strong as ever.

His unwavering dedication to providing comedic relief has cemented his place as a cherished Saturday Night Live mainstay.

Kenan’s Influence and the SNL Community

Kenan Thompson’s presence on Saturday Night Live has left a lasting mark not only on the show but also on his fellow cast members. He’s shared the stage with a diverse range of outstanding performers, but some stand out.

Thompson singled out Cecily Strong as one of his top six SNL performers of all time. He emphasised her extraordinary intelligence, creativity, and sense of humour.

Strong’s exit, like that of other cast members, is bittersweet for Thompson and the SNL community. Their friendship and their shared humorous journey have formed long-lasting connections that extend beyond the screen.

Fans may be confident that Kenan Thompson’s commitment to comedy will not fade as his career progresses.

His distinct sense of humour and adaptability distinguish him as a standout performer in the entertainment world.

To summarise

Kenan Thompson’s extraordinary journey from a theatre company to becoming the longest-serving SNL cast member demonstrates his love of comedy and adaptability as a performer.

While the threat of his departure looms, he is committed to providing his fans with new and exciting content. Kenan Thompson’s legacy will undoubtedly continue as the comedy environment evolves.

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