Is Katy Tur Jewish?

Born October 26, 1983, an American author and broadcast journalist, Correspondent, NBC News. Since 2021, MSNBC news anchor Katy Tur has hosted Katy Tur Reports.

In addition, she has appeared on various platforms such as Early Today, Today, NBC Nightly News, Meet the Press, and WNBC-TV, among others, which The Weather Channel has aired.

According to an American author and broadcast journalist Katy Tur ranks among the best of America’s authors and broadcast journalists, which explains why her followers want more information about her life online. Hence, you will be able to know all about it with perfect figures.


Former New York and Tri-State Correspondent for KTLA –HD News/Cablevision, News 12 Brooklyn, WPIX-TV, and Fox 5 New York. After that, she worked as a storm chaser on the network’s team of the VORTEX2.

Tur started off his career with the local affiliate of NBC in New York City, WNBC-TV, before moving up to the NBC News at the national network level. She got AP’s Best Spot News award that year for an outstanding story of a crane collapse in The Upper East Side in March 2008.

During her time at NBC News, the notable stories she covered included the death of Cory Monteith, a motorcyclist who attacked an SUV, as well as the hunt for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370.

Is Katy Tur Jewish?

She is of Jewish descent. Most people do not go to the internet to search for the religion of their favorite personalities. However, there are any rumors or a need for the public disclosure of her religion.

In that case, they should also want to know what religion Katy Tur follows. According to our recent findings, Katy Tur is a Christian.

Is Katy Tur Jewish
Is Katy Tur Jewish?

Katy Tur was born in Los Angeles County, California, USA, on October 26, 1983. Here’s the true nationality of Katy Tur according to our latest findings if you are an ardent lover of this celebrity and want to reveal her rightful nationality. Katy Tur holds American nationality.

Trump campaign correspondent

She served as an embedded reporter for NBC News and MSNBC on the 2016 Donald Trump presidential campaign.

Tur is remembered at NBC as a reporter who gave the Trump campaign notice concerning the possession of an Access Hollywood tape by the channel.

Indeed, during his rallies, Trump picked on Tur as among the unprofessional journalists. Tur was booed at a rally in Florida, while the report of Wolf Blitzer of CNN indicated that she had been verbally harassed.

As Trump’s campaign chief put it, “[Trump] didn’t say it maliciously,” and he had no intention of allowing anyone to pick on my wife.

Personal life

Tur dated MSNBC political commentator and sportscaster Keith Olbermann between 2006 and 2009. Tur married a correspondent with CBS News named Tony Dokoupil on October 27, 2017, in Utah.

They have a son born in April 2019 and a daughter born in May 2021. Dokoupil’s first husband had two stepsons that she inherited. She is fluent in Spanish.

Zoey Tur, one of her parents with whom she had a disagreement, had fallen out for about a couple of years with Tur.

In her 2022 book Rough Draft: In “Zamanı Geri Getirmedi Liriz,” Tur recalls her parents’ legacies and memories of her relationship with them through growing up as a daughter of two broadcasting pioneers who often risked their lives.

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