Is Jonathan Capehart leaving MSNBC? MSNBC’s Stalwart Amidst Diversity Debates

Jonathan T. Capehart (born July 2, 1967) is a journalist and television commentator from the United States. Capehart grew up in Hazlet, New Jersey, and attended Saint Benedict’s Preparatory School in Newark, New Jersey. Carleton College awarded him a BA in political science.

He contributes to The Washington Post’s PostPartisan blog and hosts MSNBC’s The Saturday/Sunday Show with Jonathan Capehart.

Jonathan Capehart’s Awards and Honors

Jonathan Capehart was a key contributor to a staff entry in the New York Daily News that won the Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Writing in 1999.

The series of editorials condemned the Apollo Theater’s financial mismanagement. Queerty named him one of fifty heroes leading the nation into equality, acceptance, and dignity for all people in June 2020, in memory of the 50th anniversary of the first LGBTQ Pride parade.

Jonathan Capehart had a successful journalism career until February 2023. In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the first LGBTQ Pride parade, Queerty named him one of fifty heroes in June 2020. He was named an Esteem Honoree in 2011 for his contributions to African American and LGBTQ groups in entertainment, media, civil rights, and the arts.

Is Jonathan Capehart leaving MSNBC?

Jonathan Capehart's departure from the Washington Post's editorial board stirs controversy.
Jonathan Capehart’s departure from the Washington Post’s editorial board stirs controversy.

No, contrary to popular belief, Jonathan Capehart is not leaving MSNBC. His program, “The Sunday Show with Jonathan Capehart,” is doing well, and he will stay with the channel for the time being.

Fear not, avid viewers! Jonathan Capehart is not bidding farewell to MSNBC. The rumor mill might have churned out whispers of his departure, but his show’s Twitter account quashed those rumors with a tease of upcoming episodes, including a star-studded February 5 lineup with several representatives.

Jonathan Capehart, the versatile journalist and editorial maestro, joined The Washington Post in 2007, continuing to shape narratives with his insightful contributions.

Besides his impactful role at the Post, Jonathan Capehart dons multiple hats at MSNBC, hosting the engaging “The Sunday Show with Jonathan Capehart” since December 13, 2020.

Not just confined to Sundays, he graces “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell” on Fridays, proving that weekdays can be just as captivating. From insightful podcasts to TV hosting gigs, Jonathan Capehart’s dynamic presence keeps audiences tuned in, assuring us that he’s here to stay at the vibrant intersection of news and commentary.

Jonathan Capehart has Left the Washington Post Editorial Board, Leaving No People of Color
Jonathan Capehart resigned from the Washington Post’s editorial board in a squabble over an unpopular article about the 2024 political landscape.

The Post now has an all-white editorial board, an unsettling contrast to its diverse city base. Jonathan Capehart, a black and gay Pulitzer Prize winner, stepped down following a disagreement over a December 6 editorial about the Georgia Senate runoff between Sen. Raphael Warnock and Herschel Walker.

The move comes amidst internal discord at the Post over leadership issues, casting shadows on its commitment to diverse representation.

While Jonathan Capehart remains a Post columnist, associate editor, and podcaster, his exit from the editorial board raises questions about the paper’s trajectory.

The Washington Post’s Opinion section insists on its commitment to diversity, promising an expansion of voices in the coming months.

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