Is Joe Kernen sick? Unraveling ‘The Hair’ and ‘The Kahuna’ in Finance

There aren’t many names that stand out as strongly in the vibrant world of financial news broadcasting as Joe Kernen. Joe Kernen, better known by his catchy moniker “The Hair” and “The Kahuna,” has long been a regular on CNBC’s venerable morning business news program, Squawk Box.

Kernen’s route to the field of financial journalism has been as varied as his on-air demeanor, with a unique background that includes a brief time as a stockbroker and academic endeavors at major universities like the University of Colorado and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Read the article, to explore the complex persona of Joe Kernen, a well-known name in financial journalism whose career has been both impressive and divisive, and his health update.

Who is Joe Kernen?

Veteran American journalist Kernen co-hosts Squawk Box on CNBC’s morning business news program with Becky Quick and Andrew Ross Sorkin. His nick titles are “The Hair” and “The Kahuna.”

Cincinnati is where Joe Kernen was born in 1956. He was raised in Western Hills and went to St. Xavier High.

Kernen attended the University of Colorado for his undergraduate studies before enrolling at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for his master’s program.

CNBC hired Kernen in 1991. Kernen was employed at the Financial News Network (FNN) before joining CNBC. In 1991, CNBC bought FNN.

Before joining FNN, Kernen spent 10 years as a stockbroker. He is one of the show’s original hosts on CNBC.

Is Joe Kernen leaving Squawk Box?

There has been no official announcement that Joe Kernen is leaving Squawk Box. Since 1995, he has served as the show is co-host, and he remains a popular figure on CNBC.

Co-hosts of CNBC’s Squawk Box Joe Kernen and Andrew Ross Sorkin argued on television in May 2020 over their perspectives on the COVID-19 pandemic’s economic impact.

Sorkin was charged with being alarmed by the COVID-19 epidemic by Kernen.

However, Sorkin believed that Kernen minimized the COVID-19 pandemic’s effects on people’s lives, particularly the deaths, to support President Trump.

Sorkin accused Kernen of abusing his position as a Squawk Box presenter, a charge that Kernen called “unfair.”

Kernen claimed that his viewpoint had nothing to do with downplaying the COVID-19 deaths and that, instead, he wanted to assist investors in maintaining composure.

Some people questioned whether Kernen would leave Squawk Box following the heated exchange with Sorkin.

However, Kernen and Sorkin immediately patched things up and are still hosting the show. Ten years together, according to Kernen and Sorkin, is longer than many marriages last.

Sorkin praised Kernen’s sharp intellect. Sorkin claimed that Kernen is his primary source of knowledge.

The little argument between Kernen and Sorkin ultimately demonstrated how much they respect one another.

Is Joe Kernen sick?

No, Joe Kernen is not sick. He is perfectly fine and currently co-hosting Squawk Box. As far as our sources, he doesn’t have any illness or disease to worry about. He is currently 67 years old and still working and going strong.

Is Joe Kernen sick
Is Joe Kernen sick?

Penelope Scott Kernen is the spouse of Joe Kernen. They got engaged in 1998 after meeting in 1996. Blake Kernen is the daughter of the couple.

Joe Kernen’s political affiliation

It is unknown whether Joe Kernen is a registered Republican or Democratic party member. The Squawk Box host may be a conservative, based on his political remarks.

President Trump’s economic measures were praised by Kernen. He asserted that rather than focusing on President Trump’s personality, the conversation should center on his tax cuts and corporate deregulation.

The fact that Kernen rejects climate change and holds the same opinion as President Trump also suggests that he is a conservative.

He equated the study of the climate to witchcraft. Because he believes that climate change is a hoax, President Trump withdrew the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement.

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