Is Joe Cruz leaving the Chicago Fire? Recent Twists and Future Resilience in Season 12

The Firehouse 51 characters have been essential to the show’s long-term success because they live in the dangerous world of “Chicago Fire,” where every call could mean the difference between life and death.

Among them is Joe Cruz, played by the gifted actor Joe Minoso, whose rise from a supporting role to that of a well-known lieutenant has left viewers excited about what comes next.

This article tackles the hot topic on readers’ minds as it delves into Joe Minoso’s colorful career: Is Joe Cruz departing Chicago Fire?

We analyze the hints to determine the fate of this cherished character in light of a recent storyline twist that has sparked conjecture.

Who played Joe?

Together with Randall “Mouch” McHolland Christian Stolte, Wallace Boden Eamonn Walker, Christopher Herrmann David Eigenberg, and Joe Cruz Joe Minoso.

There are five original characters still on Chicago Fire. Before receiving a promotion in Season 2, Cruz, a firefighter on Squad 3, was first featured as a recurring character in Season 1.

Cruz is one of the few original characters left on Chicago Fire, so it makes sense that fans are worried about his status in Firehouse 51.

Will Joe Cruz be departing from Chicago Fire, and what will become of Joe Minoso’s persona? Read on for what we know about whether Cruz is leaving the Chicago Fire.

Joe Minoso's Chicago Fire Journey.
Joe Minoso’s Chicago Fire Journey.

Who is Joe Minoso?

American actor Joe Minoso, born Jose Minoso on September 25, 1978, is well-known for his roles in theater and television.

While attending Lincoln High School, Minoso developed his love for acting before rising to fame as Joe Cruz on Chicago Fire.

His passion was ignited by seeing his first love in a school play; he subsequently joined the stage crew and went on auditions for roles in shows like “Dracula.”

He graduated from Adelphi University with a bachelor’s degree in visual arts and from Northern Illinois University with a master’s degree in the same field. On October 16, 2016, Joe Minoso and makeup artist Caitlin Murphy Miles exchanged vows.

Is Joe Cruz leaving the Chicago Fire?

No, Joe Cruz is not leaving the Chicago Fire. Questions were raised in “Call Me McHolland,” Season 12, Episode 2, about his departure from Chicago Fire.

In a sneak peek for Chicago Fire Season 11, Cruz squared off against Lieutenant Kelly Severide’s departure from Firehouse 51. Cruz, you weren’t given the order to go up there.

Severide urges Cruz, “Don’t let it happen again,” following an incident in which Cruz falls off a building.

Later in the episode, Cruz, who took over as lieutenant from Severide following his departure, became enraged by his coworker’s departure from Firehouse 51 and returned as if everything was OK.

I fill in for him for three months, then he comes back barking instructions. I’m over being treated disrespectfully. Cruz declares, “It’s time for me to leave 51.”

Cruz is leaving Chicago Fire, then? The answer seems to be no, but viewers won’t know for sure until Season 12, Episode 2.

Showrunner Andrea Newman revealed that Severide and Cruz will resolve their differences during Chicago Fire Season 12 in an interview with TV Insider in January 2024.

There will be some unresolved concerns between Severide and Cruz over that and some things to sort out there, according to Newman, who noted that Cruz is essentially his right-hand guy.

The actor who plays Cruz, Joe Minoso, hasn’t stated if he will be departing or staying on Chicago Fire.

However, he did share a cast member’s remembrance of his character, Mouch, who came dangerously close to death in the Season 11 finale, following the show’s premiere.

The Chicago Fire Season 12 opener revealed that Mouch is still alive and survived his nearly deadly shooting.

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