Is Jeff Glor still with CBS? Changing Roles and Enduring the Long Lasting Legacy

Norah O’Donnell took the reins at “CBS Evening News” this summer, but the current anchor, Jeff Glor, won’t be staying until her arrival.

Glor, who has been the face of the evening newscast since late 2017, has informed staff that he will step down after Friday’s program, as reported by sources familiar with the matter.

“Who We Are” Series

CBS News chief Susan Zirinsky announced that Glor will spearhead a series titled “Who We Are” for all CBS News broadcasts and platforms.

This franchise is designed to showcase stories akin to Glor’s impactful reporting on Gold Star families and individuals defying the odds.

Collaborating with the CBS News investigative unit, Glor will delve into critical issues, such as his recent examination of the National Flood Insurance Program, which prompted congressional action.

Is Jeff Glor still with CBS?

Yes, Jeff Glor is still with CBS. He has transitioned to co-host CBS This Morning: Saturday and has been appointed as a CBS News Special Correspondent, contributing feature stories and investigative reports.

Following his departure from CBS Evening News, Jeff Glor has opted to remain with the network, taking on the role of co-host for CBS This Morning: Saturday. Joining forces with Dana Jacobson and Michelle Miller, Glor is set to bring his seasoned reporting skills to the weekend edition of the morning show.

Jeff Glor was seen on the CBS Evening News.
Jeff Glor was seen on the CBS Evening News.

CBS News Special Correspondent Role

In addition to his co-hosting duties, Glor has been appointed as a CBS News Special Correspondent. This multifaceted position will see him contribute feature stories and investigative reports to the network. Commencing his new role on June 22, Glor is poised to leverage his extensive journalistic experience in these capacities.

Zirinsky’s Endorsement of Glor

Zirinsky praised Glor’s human touch in reporting and expressed confidence in his fit for CBS This Morning: Saturday, affectionately referred to as SATMO.

She highlighted Glor’s longstanding association with Brian Applegate, executive producer of the Saturday edition, spanning more than two decades.

Zirinsky acknowledged the unique history they share and underscored Glor’s suitability for the Saturday morning slot.

Glor’s Excitement and Honoring Anthony Mason

In response to his new role, Glor expressed enthusiasm about working with Applegate again, characterizing the Saturday morning show as a “gem.”

He expressed honor in following Anthony Mason’s footsteps as Mason transitioned to the weekday edition of CBS This Morning.

This move comes amidst changes within the CBS This Morning lineup, with Norah O’Donnell recently appointed to replace Glor on CBS Evening News.

Glor’s CBS Tenure and Reporting Highlights

Glor’s association with CBS dates back to 2007, when he joined as a correspondent. Over the years, he has covered significant events such as the Newtown shootings, the Boston Marathon bombings, and Superstorm Sandy’s landfall.

Having served as anchor for CBS Evening News, taking over from Scott Pelley, Glor brings a wealth of experience to his new roles.

CBS News’ Ongoing Evolution

Glor’s continued involvement with CBS reflects the network’s commitment to evolving its news programming.

With changes in both morning and evening lineups, CBS News, under Zirinsky’s leadership, aims to address ratings challenges and revitalize its news offerings.

Scott Pelley’s Departure and Glor’s Succession

Scott Pelley, Glor’s predecessor at CBS Evening News, departed amid claims of a “hostile work environment.” Glor, who succeeded Pelley, navigated the role and has now embarked on a new chapter with CBS This Morning: Saturday and his CBS News Special Correspondent role.

Jeff Glor’s Continuing Impact

Jeff Glor’s decision to stay on with CBS demonstrates his commitment to contributing meaningfully to the network’s evolving narrative.

From his new co-hosting role to the CBS News Special Correspondent position, Glor is set to play a pivotal role in shaping the content and direction of CBS News in the coming months.

As CBS This Morning: Saturday welcomes him, Glor’s journey continues, offering viewers a blend of experience, insight, and a fresh perspective.

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