Is Jackie Redmond still on the NHL network? Jackie Redmond Takes a Big Career Step

Jackie Redmond, a prominent figure in the NHL media landscape, has taken a major step in her career. After this big step taken by Jackie Redmond, her fans are wondering if she is still on the NHL network. Jackie Redmond is one of the best female anchors on the NHL network so far.

Jackie’s presence has a charming aura that no one wants to miss and hence her admirers are eager to know what happened to her and if she is on the NHL network.

Let’s get into the article and find out what’s happening with Jackie Redmond and her career.

A Noteworthy Career Move

Jackie Redmond’s impressive career trajectory has led her to this exciting opportunity with WWE.

She is well-regarded in the NHL media industry, making her transition to the world of professional wrestling a significant career move.

Redmond’s new role will see her co-hosting two WWE programs, “Raw Talk” and “Talking Smack.”

Is Jackie Redmond still on the NHL network?

Yes, Jackie Redmoned is still on the NHL network. Jackie Redmond steps into the shoes previously occupied by Charly Caruso, who recently left WWE to join ESPN. She has secured a significant role with WWE.

Is Jackie Redmond still on the NHL network
Is Jackie Redmond still on the NHL network?

Redmond, known for her contributions to the NHL Network, is set to become the new co-host for WWE’s programs “Raw Talk” and “Talking Smack.” Caruso’s departure created a vacancy that Redmond is set to fill.

With her extensive experience in sports media, Redmond is poised to bring a fresh perspective to WWE’s programming.

An Enthusiastic Welcome to WWE

Showing her fervor about the new pursuit, Redmond shared, “As somebody who experienced childhood with Stone Cold Stunners and Rock Bottoms, I couldn’t in fact start to make sense of the fact that I am so excited to join WWE.”

Her excitement is discernible, as she anticipates it turning out to be essential for the WWE Universe.

Collaboration with Matt Camp and Peacock

Jackie Redmond will share the hosting obligations on WWE’s programs with Matt Camp, a WWE analyst and co-host of “The Bump.”

This cooperative effort vows to bring new knowledge and viewpoints to WWE’s programming.

Redmond and Camp’s powerful partnership will improve the experience for WWE fans.

“WWE’s Raw Talk” and “Talking Smack” will be accessible for viewers on WWE’s streaming partner, Peacock.

This collaboration with Peacock guarantees that fans can partake in the programs flawlessly, adding to the comfort of getting WWE content.

Maintaining Her NHL Network Role

Jackie Redmond’s foray into WWE does not mean she is leaving behind her role with the NHL Network.

She will continue to contribute to the NHL Network, maintaining her presence in the world of hockey.

Redmond’s versatility and expertise will be valuable in both the NHL and WWE realms.

In addition to her WWE role and her commitment to the NHL Network, Jackie Redmond has also taken on a reporting position with Turner Sports.

This expansion of her professional portfolio positions her as a versatile and multi-talented media personality.

She joins a roster of new hires at Turner Sports, including Tarik El-Bashir, Capitals’ beat writer for The Athletic.

Visa Issues Temporarily Sideline Reporting Role

Jackie Redmond’s journey into the world of WWE and Turner Sports briefly hit a snag due to visa issues.

These unforeseen challenges temporarily prevented her from fulfilling her reporting responsibilities. However, her resolve and determination suggest that this setback will be short-lived.

WWE as a Platform for Career Growth

WWE hosting roles have proven to be transformative for talent in the past. Jackie Redmond’s entry into WWE follows in the footsteps of fellow Canadian Renee Paquette, who used her WWE experience as a launching pad for her career.

Paquette, now the host of the popular podcast “Oral Sessions,” boasts a substantial social media following and recently welcomed her first child with AEW’s Jon Moxley (formerly known as Dean Ambrose in WWE).

Jackie Redmond’s new role as co-host for WWE’s “Raw Talk” and “Talking Smack” signifies a significant step in her career.

Her enthusiasm and passion for engaging with WWE’s dedicated fan base are evident. Collaborating with Matt Camp, Redmond is poised to offer fresh perspectives on WWE’s programming.

Her ability to balance her roles on the NHL Network and Turner Sports underscores her versatility.

As she overcomes visa challenges, Redmond’s journey into WWE reflects the organization’s reputation as a platform for career growth and transformation.

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