Is Hyunjin leaving Straykids? Fans demand Hyunjin leave StrayKids

On March 13, Hyunjin of Stray Kids was asked to leave the group by a protest truck that pulled up outside the JYP building.

The messages displayed on the truck accused him of being involved in controversies and turning the group into a negative environment.

According to reports, messages on the protest trucks were translated into English as, “Hwang Hyunjin, leave the group,” “Hyunjin, are you the only member of Stray Kids? and “Why are you always involved in controversies?”

Fans urged JYP to defend his artists on social media after Hyunjin of Stray Kids was the subject of multiple false rumors online. The ‘STAYs’ requests have finally received a response from the agency.

Is Hyunjin leaving Straykids?

Currently, there are no indications that Hyunjin will be leaving Stray Kids or JYP Entertainment.

In addition, JYP has come out in favor of Hyunjin in regards to the trucks and the general circumstances, issuing a formal statement denouncing everything that has happened over the last few days.

The company is protecting the artist, and they have made it clear that they will not hesitate to take legal action against anyone attempting to discredit them.

Hopefully, JYP and Hyunjin will not take any of the accusations lightly or make any harsh decisions because fans have leveled needless accusations against them.

Is Hyunjin leaving Straykids
K-netizens might need to calm down.

JYP released a statement

Fans pleaded with JYP Entertainment to defend Hyunjin as the post on the Korean online community went viral, and many users agreed with the messages written on the truck.

On March 14, the organization made a statement available on the FANS app. They wrote :

“Hello, this is JYP. We would like to inform you of legal proceedings initiated in response to defamation, false rumors, and unauthorized posts regarding our artists that are distributed on social media and online communities.

We have gathered proof against those who disseminated and published malicious content with the intent to malign and discredit our artists.

To take advantage of every legal avenue, we are presently collaborating with specialized legal firms.

 Hyunjin leaving Straykids

Without any concessions or consent, JYP will pursue legal action. In addition, the collection of malicious messages regarding our artists and legal actions are carried out regularly.

We respectfully ask for your ongoing interest and enthusiastic reporting from our fans.

JYP is committed to protecting the rights of StrayKids and ensuring the well-being of ‘STAYs’. The generosity shown to Stray Kids and JYP is always appreciated.

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