Is Hyunjin Leaving SKZ 2025?

In February 2021, the world of K-pop experienced a leak of slander and verbal abuse accusations in regards to one of its popular boy band members Stray Kids named Hyunjin.

The singer kept the suspension and the expulsion of the group out of their mind because his return was never something he considered.

In the aftermath of these allegations, Hyunjin started a process of self-searching and reinvention, displaying positive intentions of improving himself and proving he was better than in the past.

Hyunjin exhibited his future-oriented attitude as JYP Entertainment, Stray Kid’s company, conducted an investigation.

While his situation is complicated, the public’s understanding of his view on self-betterment increases with his dedication.

This article explores the periods of Hyunjin’s suspension, his way to recovery, and also self-improvement along the route with Stray Kids.

Why did Hyunjin Suspend From Stray Kids?

Is Hyunjin Leaving SKZ 2025?
Hyunjin’s journey towards redemption.

There were some issues last year when Hyunjin took a break from Stray Kids, but no idea him to get out of the group.

A person came out on social networks in February 2021 and said that Hyunjin had tyrannized them in junior school.

Is Hyunjin Leaving SKZ 2025?

No, He got a temporary suspension from Stray Kids, however, Hyunjin will never join a new group which is confirmed by Stray Kids’ management company.

Yet, he persisted through the pain of the bullying accusations, but despite all, he is determined to be a better person and become a changed one.

He realized the outcome of his actions just after knowing the seriousness of his conduct and then he took some proactive steps to change his unscrupulous behavior.

In the process of rediscovering himself, Roland took a four-month hiatus from work to ponder over his mistakes and learn from them. The reason is simple – coaching was the only way he could improve himself.

Hyunjin Leaving SKZ 2025

This guy has seen a deficit in the job done, hence he is stubbornly working on regaining trust and displaying change since he resumed his role.

The fact is that earlier his devotion to the development was clearly seen through his words and actions.

In the beginning, when the facts were revealed, the members of Stray Kids’ management company “JYP Entertainment” also conducted an internal investigation in an attempt to solve the case.

The public known as Hyunjin’s former teachers and other classmates were also interrogated by JYP casting doubt over the person’s anonymity.

The management company said in a statement: The management company said in a statement:

Pursuant to the quote, a lot of the people JYP talked to described the same incident in a completely different way asking the authorities to investigate further and not to spread fake information. They wrote:

“We plead to everyone to not share any false rumors and typify things that are not real, We would be more attentive when picking our trainers and artists in the future.”

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