Is Heather still on Selling Sunset? Is she planning to leave “Selling Sunset”?

The all-star ensemble of Selling Sunset has included Heather Rae El Moussa (née Young) from the beginning, but it appears that her time on the docu-soap is coming to an end.

The real estate star revealed her departure from the beloved series after four years, capping months of rumors. Her announcement was made on the eve of the debut of season 7.

Heather initially intimated last spring that she and the reality hit’s creative staff weren’t on the same page regarding filming, so even though the news just broke, her fate on the program has been in doubt.

Continue reading to find out everything we currently know about Heather’s departure, including when she will appear in season 7 and if she will be returning to the show in the future.

Who is Heather Young?

American real estate agent and reality TV personality Heather Young was born. Her appearance in the Netflix reality series Selling Sunset has made her most famous. On September 16, 1987, in Anaheim, California, Young was born.

She started as a model, getting published in Playboy and other magazines. After that, she made the move into real estate, and since 2015, she has been associated with The Oppenheim Group in Los Angeles.

Young is a prosperous real estate agent who has sold houses for millions of dollars. Having amassed over 3 million Instagram followers, she is a well-known presence on social media.

Young has worked in real estate and has made appearances on several other TV programs, such as Million Dollar Listing and Flip or Flop.

Is Heather still on Selling Sunset?

No, Heather is no longer part of the Selling Sunset. Heather announced on her Instagram page on November 3 that she would not be going back to Sunset.

She shared a mirror selfie she took with Bre and TikToker Josh Richards during her house showing on Instagram along with an update.

The Selling Sunset creative team has not addressed Heather’s departure from the show as of season 7’s release on November 3.

Though Heather is no longer listed on the Oppenheim Group website as a brokerage member, viewers hoping that she would return to the show in a reduced role after Maya’s departure last year may find solace in that fact.

Is Heather still on Selling Sunset
Heather Young

When the reunion special airs on Netflix on Wednesday, November 15, we will probably find out more details about the entire situation.

What happened in “Selling Sunset S7”?

Early in the season, a very pregnant Heather makes an appearance in a few scenes, including a standout one in which she and Bre Tiesi show a mansion to a 21-year-old TikTok star and a touching scene in which Bre brings her baby son to visit Heather at her house.

The next time we hear about Heather, Bre is reporting to the office that the new mother has given birth. A brief scene then shows Heather holding her baby in a hospital bed with her husband Tarek El Moussa standing next to her.

A brief scene ensues in which Heather is seen holding her child in a hospital bed with her spouse Tarek El Moussa standing next to her.

On January 31, 2023, Heather and Tarek welcomed a baby boy named Tristan Jay. Heather shared on Instagram in February that she had an extremely tough birth experience, with medical professionals rushing her to the hospital to induce labor when they noticed the baby wasn’t moving as much as he should have.

She wrote, “Everything happened fast.” Every time I would push, Tristan’s heart rate would drop extremely low and would remain low. Which was quite terrible.”

Fortunately, the birth went smoothly, and she reported that she and Tarek enjoyed some time in their “own private bubble” thereafter.

Heather did not get an invitation for Season 7

On the Oppenheim Group website, Heather states that she is still an active agent at the West Hollywood office, and she has confirmed that she did not depart Selling Sunset. It seems that Netflix decided not to extend an invitation to her for Season 7.

Heather discussed her absence on Instagram following the release of the trailer for the seventh chapter.

Although her brief appearances throughout the season are encouraging, Heather discreetly transitioned from a prominent part in the show to a supporting one without providing a good reason.

Heather told E! News in March 2023 that her maternity leave ended before filming for Season 7 began, despite the possibility that she was still on leave at the time.

Heather expressed that she had not received an explanation from Netflix and that it “has been a little frustrating.”

Davina Potratz verified that she was not contacted back in the comments section of Heather’s Instagram post elucidating her Season 7 absence.

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